The Best Eyeliner Brushes, According To Experts

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by Jessica Ourisman
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Though you may need several different brushes to expertly blend your eyeshadow, the best eyeliner brushes are almost always going to have thin, angled (or pointed) heads with short, stiff bristles. These types of brushes work well with all sorts of eyeliner — creams, gels, liquids, and powders — and make it easy to apply smooth, neat lines in just one stroke.

When it comes to choosing the best eyeliner brush for you, there are a few things to consider. The most obvious is your budget — are you looking to invest in a pro-quality brush that’ll last you years with proper care, or do you prefer to spend less upfront and replace your brushes more often? And if supporting eco-conscious brands is a priority to you, choose a brush with synthetic bristles, rather than animal-derived ones (synthetic bristles tend to be easier to care for, anyway), and opt for a handle made of metal, biodegradable materials, or sustainably sourced wood.

Scroll on to shop seven of the best makeup brushes for all your eyeliner needs, including a few picks from professional makeup artists to help guide your purchase. And don’t forget to check out this guide on how to clean your makeup brushes to ensure they stay in tip-top shape.

1. Pro Pick: Best Drugstore Eyeliner Brush

Celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz, who spoke to Elite Daily for this article, recommends this angled eyeliner brush from drugstore brand NYX. “First off, it is unbelievably inexpensive!” she says. “If you want an extremely sharp and precise eyeliner [look] when using a gel pomade liner or powder eyeshadow, then this is your brush.” This under-$10 brush has soft, synthetic bristles that have been shaped into a stiff angle, and it comes from a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand.

2. Pro Pick: Best Luxury Eyeliner Brush

By Terry’s angled eyeliner brush is makeup artist Katrina Klein’s top pick. “I love this super-skinny angled brush to do precise cat eyes and graphic liners. It’s also wonderful for getting in between all the little eyelashes,” she tells Elite Daily. With its gleaming metal handle and synthetic bristles, which have been molded into an ultra-sharp slant, this admittedly splurge-y brush will last you years with proper care.

3. Pro Pick: Best Painter’s Brush

Keeping in mind that makeup artists are, well, artists, makeup artist Erin Parsons lets eyelids be her canvas. She recommends this painter’s brush set for drawing on flawless winged tips. “I love kits like these from art supply stores for eyeliner brushes,” she tells Elite Daily, noting that “they are small enough for precise application.” The anti-wobble handles are made of strong, durable aluminum, and the brush heads were specifically designed so as not to shed. For just $15, you get 15 high-quality brushes, which allows you to play around with all kinds of detailed work.

4. Pro Pick: Best Precision Tip For Ultra-Thin Lines

Another great option for detailed work is this Vertex slanted eyeliner brush, which comes recommended by makeup artist Omayma Ramzy. Designed with a strong copper ferule and matte handle so it won’t fall apart or slip out of your hand, the brush has premium, non-bleached, synthetic bristles that have been cut into a razor-thin angle. Pro tip: You can also use this brush to clean up the edges of your wings and cat eyes by dipping it in micellar to sweep fallen pigment away.

5. Best Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Brush Duo

With this double-sided brush from Ere Perez, you get an angled eyeliner brush on one side and a fluffier brush on the other for blending eyeshadow into your crease. If you try and keep sustainability in mind when you shop for products, you’ll love this brush, which is made with a biodegradable, corn resin handle and vegan (aka synthetic) bristles. The brand itself has a sustainable mission — they’re certified carbon neutral, among other things — which you can read more about here.


Omayma Ramzy, makeup artist.

Katrina Klein, makeup artist.

Erin Parsons, makeup artist.

Renée Loiz, makeup artist.