The 8 Best Claw Clips For Thick Hair

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If you have a head of thick hair, not just any claw clip will do. The best claw clips for thick hair are sturdy and feature rounded, interlocking teeth to wrangle hair and keep strands in place. While they tend to be on the larger size to catch as much hair as possible, they do come in different shapes — and you can also find smaller clips that are great for chic half-up hairstyles. From extra-long to octopus-style options and even some little cute clips, these all combine function and form.

Although claw clip styles can vary, many of the best options are made with sturdy plastic, but you can also snag metal ones for an extra-sleek look. (If you think you might use your clips to section off your hair as you style it with heat, plastic is the better option.) Whether you wear your hair long, short, or somewhere in between, the best claw clips for you will cater to your needs. Small claw clips can be ideal if your hair is short or you want to hold smaller portions of hair at a time. On the other hand, larger options are better if you have medium length to long hair or simply want to hold everything up.

Regardless of shape and size, these claw clips are vetted by customers who have tried and tested them on their thick strands. Below you’ll find eight of the best claw clips for thick hair — all conveniently available on Amazon.

1. The Editor’s Choice: These Pretty Hair Clips For Thick Hair

For Associate Commerce Editor Carina Finn, these claw clips are an essential. Finn says: “I was skeptical about hopping on the claw clip train because my hair is so long and thick — like, instant up-charge at the salon thick — but I bought these clips on a whim and am shocked by how well they work!” Made with acrylic (a strong plastic material) and spanning 3.4 inches long, Finn mentions that she only needs a single clip to hold her hair in a bun and the style can last “for hours.” Plus, “they’re so aesthetic [...] I love having them out on my dresser.” Snag them in six different packs of four clips, which include a range of colors and styles.

One reviewer wrote: “I have long, thick hair and these clips work great. I’ve used them to keep half my hair up as well as all my hair up and they stay in place and don’t slide down or make my hair feel heavy. The clips are strong but aren’t too difficult to open.”

2. These Fan-Favorite Claw Clips With A Matte Finish

With a near-perfect overall rating of 4.8 stars after 15,000 customers have weighed in, these claw clips are beloved for their ability to secure thick hair. The large clips are 4.3 inches long, feature widely spaced teeth, and are constructed from acrylic. One thick-haired reviewer raved that it’s both “strong” and “doesn’t slip!” — a sentiment that many other reviewers have expressed, too. The matte finish makes for a chic touch, and this set comes with clips in both pastel and neutral hues. You can also choose from five other packs, including an all-black set.

One reviewer wrote: “I have very long and thicker hair. My clips are constantly breaking and I don’t even hold my hair up. These however are perfect!!! Worth the price. They feel sturdy and I even feel like I could workout in them.”

3. The Writer’s Choice: A Pair Of No-Slip Claw Clips

Few things have the ability to hold hair out of my face better than these no-slip Scünci claw clips. The plastic octopus-style clips are rounder in shape from some long clips and have large teeth that are reinforced with a rubber backing, which prevents loose pieces of hair from escaping their clutches without tugging on strands. Once I pull my hair up with this clip, it stays up. Best of all? They only set me back a few bucks. Reviewers have reported that they’re about 2.5 inches long — so they’re on the smaller side but certainly worth a try for half-up ’dos with thick hair. You can get them in packs of one or two.

One reviewer wrote: “I use this product everyday, it’s my go-to clip. Perfect rubber grip inside the clip so it grips my soft and massive amounts of long hair.”

4. A Jumbo-Sized Claw Clip For Thick Hair

If you have super-thick hair, you might like these jumbo claw clips. At 5.5 inches long, they’re the largest option on this list. The plastic clips boast a wide set of interlocking teeth, which are ideal for holding your strands firmly in place. One reviewer attested that they’re “durable” and they have “great grip for very thick hair.” They come as a pair in black and transparent brown.

One reviewer wrote: “These suckers are strong!! I have very long, THICK hair - and these are the first clips I've ever had that can hold it all securely. I'm talking put up my hair in the am and 8 hours later after car rides, coats on/off, runnning around all day my hair still looks good. I've never had success with claw clips and always had to adust/redo them after a few hours or if my head brushed a car headrest - not with these!”

5. A Set Of Oversize Rectangular Claw Clips

These oversize claw clips come in a streamlined rectangular shape that’s reminiscent of the editor-approved MagicSky claw clips above, but these are slightly longer. They each measure 4.1 inches, which is long enough to hold up lots of thick hair. If your personal style skews classic, you’ll also appreciate that this plastic set comes in neutral colors — namely, black, cream, tortoise shell, and a clear option. Opt for one of four packs of large clips (like the one pictured), or one of the four packs of medium-sized ones which measure 3.1 inches long.

One reviewer wrote: “These claw clips hold my long thick hair like no other, they are so comfortable and sturdy and the color choices are perfect.”

6. These Metal Claw Clips With A Minimalist Look

If you prefer metal claw clips, give these a try. They have a minimalist shape that makes them look delicate, but reviewers have reported that they’re surprisingly sturdy. One reviewer called them “much more durable than most of the claw clips I’ve tried,” and another wrote that they “love that these don’t break like the plastic ones.” The clips are 3.5 inches long and can secure hair into a half-up, half-down style or all the way up, depending on the length of your strands. This set comes in four classic colors — gold, rose gold, silver, and chrome — and if you want to stock up, you can get a six-pack instead.

One reviewer wrote: “Great for long, thick hair! Made very well, durable. Had them 5 months, wear them daily and they haven't tarnished. Love the variety of metallic colors. Highly recommend. Good product.”

7. A Set Of Seashell-Shaped Claw Clips

As further proof that a functional piece can also be pretty, take a look at these tortoise-shell claw clips. They are made of sturdy plastic and designed in the shape of seashells. The pair also come in varying shades of tortoise shell. Although the brand describes these clips as “large,” they’re only 3.3 inches long. However, each claw opens to 3 inches wide to grasp lots of hair.

One reviewer wrote: “Very surprised with how durable these are! I love the design and I like how sturdy they are! I have thick hair so durability is a must for me.”

8. A Cute Set Of Mini Claw Clips

These small claw clips may measure just 1.6 inches long, but they’re strong enough to hold segments of thick hair in place. One reviewer wrote that they have “good grip strength for thick, heavy hair.” Another confirmed that they “are PERFECT for half up style.” The clips are made of acrylic and feature a set of interlocking teeth that span their full length. They are available in a range of colorways, featuring everything from muted jewel tones to versatile brown and black sets. In other words, you’ll be sure to find ones that match your style among the six available sets.

One reviewer wrote: “To be honest, I didn't have much hope for these - but THEY ARE GREAT!!! I am so happy with the quality of these. I have very thick hair that I wear half-up most days and I always have trouble finding clips that will stay in my hair. These clips stay in my hair all day and I rarely have to adjust! Definitely would recommend.”