The Best At-Home Pedicure Kits

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The relaxation and ease of having someone else buff away calluses and paint your toenails is pretty hard to beat. But when that's not in the budget or you don’t have the time (or find the process of doing your own nails deeply therapeutic), you can go the DIY route — you’re just going to need the right tools. The best at-home pedicure kits should include nail clippers and a file to trim and shape your nails, some kind of pumice stone or foot file to remove rough skin, and a nail buffer to add a shiny finish if you're not planning to use polish on your toes. If you really want to recreate the salon experience at home, you might want to invest in a foot bath to soak your feet pre-pedicure, too.

Pedicure Rules To Follow

Just like it's important to ensure that the salon you're visiting follows safety guidelines to avoid the risk of infection, there are a few pedicure rules you'll want to abide by, too. Firstly, don't use a cuticle cutter — even if your pedicure kit comes with one. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), cutting the cuticles increases the risk of infection. You'll also want to avoid using any sharp tools to clean under your nails, as these can easily cut the skin. And if there's a tool that you don't know how to use, it's always a safer bet not to use it at all.

As for cleaning your tools, one of the major benefits of an at-home pedicure (aside from saving money), is that you're not sharing tools with the whole world. Some tools, like nail files, can't be sterilized, according to the APMA, but any metal tools can be sterilized by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol.

Shop The Best At-Home Pedicure Kits

In a hurry? Here are the best at-home pedicure kits:

  1. The Overall Best: Gearmatte Professional Pedicure Tools Set
  2. Best Mini Pedicure Kit: Tweezerman Essential Pedicure Kit
  3. Best Pedicure Kit For Calluses: Daily Remedy Callus Remover Kit
  4. Best Polish Kit: Dazzle Dry Mini Kit
  5. Best Foot Bath & Pedicure Kit: Renpho Foot Spa Bath Massager

1. The Overall Best

If you already consider yourself an at-home pedicure pro, this $15 set comes with everything you need (and probably more). The 23-piece kit includes emery boards in various sizes, a cuticle pusher, and a brush for cleaning your nails, which also makes this a solid choice for your next at-home manicure, too. When you're focusing on your feet, you'll find multiple tools meant for sloughing away dead skin and calluses (just be sure you soak your feet in warm water for at least five minutes first), and pink heart-shaped toe separators to help make applying polish on your toes an easier process.

Relevant Review: "This has everything (and more) you could ever need to give yourself a spa-quality pedicure. I really appreciated the case it came with to keep everything together."

2. Best Mini Pedicure Kit

For those who prefer a more fuss-free approach (or are low on storage space), there's this mini pedicure kit from Tweezerman. The rose-colored set includes four essential tools for trimming and smoothing toenails and keeping feet soft. The stainless steel nail clippers are made with a straight edge that's recommended to be used when cutting toe nails as it helps to ensure that the nail is cut straight across and not in a curved shape, which can lead to ingrown toenails. The pedicure stone is dual-sided so that the rougher pink side can be used to help remove dead skin and calluses, while the softer white side can be used to smooth skin after. The set also comes with a dual-sided nail file and a dual-sided nail buffer to shape, smooth, buff, and shine your nails.

Relevant Review: "[…] I'm very finicky about nail clippers and these are fantastic and consistent with other Tweezerman clippers I already own. They're super sharp, cut super easily, and make a nice clean cut. The other files included in this set are good for buffing, shaping, and smoothing all over your feet. Honestly, for the price, I don't know why you're still reading this review and haven't added it to your cart yet. […]"

3. Best Pedicure Kit For Calluses

When you plan to use any of the tools aimed at removing dead skin or calluses, you should always soak your feet first to soften your skin. This Daily Remedy callus remover kit will be the at-home pedicure set of choice for anyone whose primary concern is softening rough skin. First, you'll want to use the tea tree oil foot soak, which is formulated with Epsom salt, sea salt, and relaxing essential oils like tea tree, rosemary leaf, and lavender. You can use the pumice stone to exfoliate your feet next, or, if you have stubborn calluses, apply the callus remover gel first (and always use a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the stronger formula). After letting the gel sit on your calluses for 15 to 20 minutes, the skin should exfoliate right off with the help of the pumice stone, and you can rinse your feet and carry on with the rest of your pedicure.

Relevant Review: "Okay, this stuff works just as good, if not better than the salon quality. I am becoming better at doing my pedicures at home and these products are essential. Easy to use and does make your feet feel softer/smoother. Would definitely recommend and [will] continue to order to maintain my foot care."

4. Best Polish Kit

Maybe you're less concerned with pampering your feet and more about finding a long-lasting polish. Dazzle Dry's Mini Kit comes with a nail prep solution to clean and nourish your nails, a base coat, a sheer pink polish, and a top coat (you'll also get the brand's Revive drops, which you can use to refresh the top coat and nail lacquer as they age and become thicker). The four-step system was designed to give you gel-like results, and all of the formulas are fast-drying, cruelty-free, and free from potentially harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, and nitrocellulose. If you prefer a brighter color on your toes, the kit is available with plenty of other shades to choose from. Or, you can buy additional Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer polishes separately if you like to have plenty of options on hand.

Relevant Review: "Amazing nail polish system. Top coat dries in five minutes, [and it] lasts more than 10 days — like going to a salon."

5. Best Foot Bath & Pedicure Kit

If you're serious about bringing the spa to your home, consider investing in a foot bath. This Renpho foot spa bath massager uses massage jets and rollers to soothe tired feet and provide extra pampering. The foot bath is completely customizable, with adjustable temperature and timer settings, as well as three massager modes for bubbles, vibrations, or a combination of the two. It also comes with five pedicure tools, including a pumice stone and emery board to complete your pedicure.

Relevant Review: "Great product and a great way to treat yourself after a long week. Relaxing and easy to set up and clean it. After soaking for a bit, using the attachments are a breeze because the heels are softened. The massaging feels nice as well. Nice product, and [a] great gift for Mother's Day or anyone who is on their feet a lot."

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