Met Gala
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attends The 2021 Met Gala.

AOC's Met Gala Dress Truly Said It All

Her dress (literally) said what's on her mind.

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What I love most about AOC is that no one handed her all of the accolades she has today. She’s a natural leader, a natural public speaker, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2021 Met Gala look proved she’s a natural fashionista to boot. As if she wasn’t already dynamic enough on the House floor, AOC brought her signature powerful messages to the steps of the Met Gala. And since the guest list had to be approved by Anna Wintour herself, we can only assume she stands behind our girl from the Bronx.

The look AOC rocked at her first Met Gala was designed by Aurora James, the founder and creative director of popular label Brother Vellies. The label has an in-demand brick and mortar store located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that brings A-list celebs like Zoe Kravitz out to the borough. And although designing for the Met Gala is a new venture for James, her collaboration with Ocasio-Cortez makes a lot of sense.

Similar to AOC’s work ethic, James started her label out of a flea market from the ground up. James is also the founder of the 15 Percent Pledge, which calls on retailers to pledge at least 15% of their shelf space to Black designers or Black-owned businesses. James and AOC root for similar causes, and joined forces for a powerful message on the red carpet at the 2021 Met Gala.

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On the back of AOC’s gown were the words “Tax The Rich” in bright red. Reminiscent of blood, perhaps? That’s what I’m going with. The white gown was finished off by a pair of red shoes under the Brother Vellies label. AOC wore a slicked back ponytail as not to distract from the message of the dress. The bold statement on the gown was a clever nod to the values both women share of never getting too comfortable once you’ve gained a seat at the table. America should be all about inclusivity, and this dynamic duo did their part to ensure that businesses, governments, and citizens continue to push themselves to do better.