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Addison Rae debuts a wide range of outfits in 'He's All That'

Let’s Talk About Addison Rae’s Best Outfits In He’s All That

The! Range!

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Addison Rae recently starred in her first-ever movie, He’s All That, and beyond recreating a classic ‘90s rom-com, she was dressed to the nines throughout in outfits that are the perfect mix of modern and Y2K retro.

He’s All That is a gender-swapped retelling of the 1999 movie She’s All That... which is essentially a retelling of My Fair Lady... which is essentially a retelling of Pygmalion. The base plot for all of these is that someone takes a bet that they can transform an “unpopular” person into someone with class. Naturally, the two main characters fall in love. In this iteration, Addison Rae plays Padgett Sawyer, a TikTok influencer (shocker) who specializes in makeovers. She bets that she can transform her less-than-cool classmate into a prom king.

As for the He’s All That fashion, Denise Wingate, costume designer for She’s All That, made a return. And while there are plenty of modern, TikTok-esque styles present, there are also a ton of ‘90s looks as a nod to the original film. Check out Addison Rae’s best He’s All That’ outfits ahead.

To open the movie, Rae wears a funky patterned, knit dress, a style that’s only getting bigger for fall 2021. It also sets the tone for Padgett’s mostly soft pink and white fashion color palette.