45 Of The Coolest Products On Amazon That You Never Knew Existed

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Whenever I'm about a week away from having to pay my credit card bill I usually check to see what the current balance is like — mostly out of a sense of morbid curiosity and impending doom, but also because if for some reason it's lower than I'm expecting, it means I can go blow a few hundred dollars on some of the best products on Amazon prime.

Is that a mature and adult way to handle my finances? Not really — but when the options are either saving myself $40 for later or buying myself a DIY lip balm kit, let's just say I'm about to have a lot more cosmetics on my hands. Jokes aside, if I have any extra money at the end of the month I generally try sticking to buying surprisingly useful products on Amazon that I can get some decent use out of.

Who could say no to a pair of super-cute silicone oven mitts shaped like bear paws, or a portable infusion smoker that you can use on meats and cocktails? And if you've been having trouble sleeping lately (we could always use a few extra hours, no?) I suggest the memory foam mattress topper that's infused with green tea — not only are these some of the most genius products you can find on Amazon, but they're the kind of impulse buys that you won't regret.

A Personal Air-Conditioning Fan You Can Take Anywhere

No one likes getting caught in the heat — especially when you're nowhere near a/c — which is why the personal air-conditioning fan is the perfect answer during the hot summer months. It boasts three speed settings and all you have to do is add cold water and you'll have cool air coming your way all season. And as an added bonus feature, it even doubles as a humidifier by releasing mist into the air and seven color-changing lights to enhance the mood.

A Supremely Relieving Compression Sock That Treats Foot Pain

If your feet often get swollen or sore, this immensely helpful compression sock will alleviate some of your pain. The lightweight foot wrap, which is specifically designed to treat things like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, and other ailments, features a separate strap that encircles your leg, offering fully adjustable compression. Wear it in the evenings after work or around the house and watch how your stress begins to melt away.

A Packet Of Rice Paper Face Blotters To Absorb Oily Skin

For folks with oily or sweaty skin, these rice paper blotters are an amazing way to absorb excess moisture without having to wash your whole face. They're perfect for keeping in your purse and dabbing on your face midday, or when you start getting hot and sticky. The papers are made from natural rice that's cruelty and paraben free. "I've been using these blotting sheets for 10 years!" said one Amazon customer. "They are a savior."

The Car Air Purifier That Requires Zero Maintenance

Whereas many air purifiers require you to either clean dirty filters or pay for expensive refills, the TwinkleBirds car air purifier requires no filters and almost no maintenance. It also reduces smells by generating negative oxygen ions and ozone — and even has a USB charger port so you don't have to choose between charging your devices versus breathing in cleaner air.

These Oven Gloves That Give Your Hands Freedom To Move

Unlike old-school oven mitts, these 5-fingered oven gloves give you greater dexterity when you're maneuvering around the grill or taking cookies out of the oven. (In other words, fewer spills.) They're thick, lightweight, flexible, and heat-resistant up to an impressive 932 degrees. They're insulated with M-ARAMID and P-ARAMID fabric that won't catch fire or melt. And if you get a little barbecue sauce on them? You can throw them in the washer.

The Cable Organizer That Keeps Your Cords In Order

If you want to organize your cords and remain stylish and streamlined, try this AKWOX cable organizer. You can keep your desk clean and organized — and it's made from pleasing, sturdy beechwood. Suitable for all surfaces with its quick-peel and stick backing, this cable organizer has five slots with flexible sizes, and can fit most daily cables thinner than .3 inches.

A Balance Board That Gives You A Full-Body Workout

Why shell out for expensive and bulky exercise equipment when you can get an effective full-body workout from this EveryMile Balance Board? Terrific for balance training because it helps boost coordination, posture, and core strength, this offers 360 degree rotation and up to a 15 tilting degree, so you can do stretches of all kinds, especially those targeting your back and sides. It can also support up to 300 pounds, so it's incredibly resilient.

A Facial Mask Made Out Of Snail Mucin That's Great For Your Skin

Rubbing snail slime on your face may sounds a little cray but their mucin actually works like magic on your skin. This particular blend features 7,000 PPM secretion filtrate which is significantly more than the standard 1,000 to 5,000 that you find in most snail-based facial products. The paraben-free solution mixes the soft mucin with natural minerals, vitamins, and enzymes to enrich your skin, free up blemishes, and leave it feeling soft and silky.

A Pair Of Oven Mitts Shaped Like Bear Hands

Does anyone really need fun oven mitts? No, but do we want them anyway? Heck yeah we do! And with the Fred & Friends bear hands oven mitts you get functionality and fun all combined into one, since now you can pretend to be a grizzly bear while handling casserole or any other hot item you can think of. Made from insulated cotton to keep your hands cool on the inside, each "paw" pad on the mitts are made with heat-resistant silicone so can handle hot food without fear of burning yourself.

The Toothpaste Made With Pomegranate To Tighten Up Your Gums

Puffy, swollen gums are never what the dentist ordered, which is why the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare neem and pomegranate toothpaste uses actual pomegranate in its formula. Known for being a natural astringent, the pomegranate helps tighten the tissues in your mouth to help reduce the swelling in your gums. Unlike other toothpastes, this one is fluoride-free as well as sodium lauryl sulfate-free, too.

An LED Laptop Stand With A Cooling Fan

Place your laptop on this sleek laptop stand with LED lights and six cooling fans. The stand is adjustable with seven height options so that you can type or game at the perfect angle. It even has a removable phone stand and an LCD screen to set your fan speed and color modes.

These Clips For A Secure Duvet Or Comforter

Pop these round plastic clips onto your duvet or comforter to stop your insert from sliding around. Each one is two pieces that clip onto the four corners of your duvet without damaging it. There are 20 pieces, so you can use them on multiple beds and have backups if you lose one.

A Satin-Lined, Lavender-Scented Eye Pillow That’s Weighted

This satin eye pillow is filled with lavender seeds as well as flax seeds to provide aromatherapy and is weighted for extra relaxation. You can freeze it or heat it in the microwave, and you can even use it during yoga. Plus, there are 14 colors to choose from and a few options that include a washable cover.

The Light That Attaches Frees Up Your Electrical Outlets

Why clog up an outlet with a nightlight when you could use the SnapPower Guidelight instead? Not only does it cost less than a dime a year to power, but it also won't heat up like standard night lights and doesn't have any open bulbs or glass for kids or pets to hurt themselves on. And if you're looking at that photo and thinking to yourself "Wow, that's probably pretty complicated to install," you couldn't be further from the truth — no brackets, batteries, mounts, or wires required. Just snap it on and go.

The Hair Mask That Uses Argan Oil To Condition Your Locks

If you're looking to smooth dry or frizzy hair, this hair mask will do it quickly. In just 10 to 15 minutes, this steam mask helps revitalize hair by using a two-step process to help lock-in moisture: first a deep conditioning treatment, and then a cap that activates the capsicum extract in the conditioning formula to create heat that helps condition your hair even further.

The Slushie Maker That Works In As Little As Seven Minutes

Simply freeze the inner core of the Zoku slush and shake maker for eight hours or more, put it back inside the cup, then pour in your ingredients and watch as it all freezes into slush in seven minutes or less. No electricity or other bulky equipment required, this slushie maker can make two 8 ounce slushies before you need to freeze the core again. And if slushies aren't your thing, fear not — it comes with a recipe idea book and can be used to make everything from milkshakes to piña coladas.

A Mattress Topper Infused With Green Tea

Castor natural seed oil and green tea extract are known for their natural odor-eliminating abilities, which means that the Zinus green tea memory foam mattress topper won't latch on to any unwanted odors like other competing mattress toppers. "This item is one awesome addition to any mattress," one Amazon reviewer raves. "The green tea part helps put you into a calm state along with the great feel of memory foam to give you comfort throughout the night."

The Cleansing Stick That Uses Charcoal To Clear Your Pores

Charcoal has been used as a way to hydrate and purify skin for centuries, so it makes sense that you'd want a cleansing stick with charcoal in it. Not only is the 23 Years Old black paint rubar's main ingredient charcoal, but it's even simpler to use than a bar of soap — just rub it right on a damp face and it foams right up. "I have naturally dry skin but I do get breakouts on occasion," one Amazon reviewer gushes. "I love using this product to spot treat my breakouts or to do my t-zone when it's feeling oily. It really helps to draw out the redness and inflammation in problem areas."

A Mineral Sunscreen Stick With Tons Of 5-Star Ratings

Protect your skin with this 100% mineral sunscreen stick by CeraVe. Made with hyaluronic acid and three essential ceramides, it glides on easily, so you can shield your face, neck, and ears from both UVA and UVB rays. The best part? The water-resistant formula is lightweight and dries clear.

The Cup That Lets You Brew Fresh Coffee On The Go

Perfect for any coffee drinker who appreciates a fresh cup no matter where they are, the pour over coffee maker features a built-in stainless steel dripper filter that eliminates the need for any paper filters. Dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble, this portable coffee maker can brew two servings at a time and is made from tempered, borosilicate glass to better insulate your morning caffeine fix.

A Moon-Shaped Night Light With Touch Control

"The effect it produces in a dark room is amazing," one Amazon reviewer gushes about the ACED moon light. "The realistic 3D printing really makes it look like you have your own little moon!" Not only is this night light perfect for creating a calming ambience in any room, but the brightness is easily adjusted simply by tapping the smart-touch bottom — you can even choose between either white or yellow light, too.

The Smoker That Uses Actual Wood Chips For Its Flavor

Whereas other competitors rely largely on artificial flavors and chemicals to get that strong, smoky flavor, this portable infusion smoker uses real wood chips to infuse an authentic smoke flavor into your food (sold separately). You could even use spices or tea. Battery-operated for extra portability, this infusion smoker features a built-in fan for an even and robust flavor distribution. And if smoked meats aren't your thing, you could always try using it to smoke your cocktails — smoked margarita, anyone?

A Pair Of Easy-Wear Ankle Weights That Help Sculpt Your Leg Muscles

These super effective ankle weights are a fantastic way to take your cardio game to the next level. Made with velcro straps and a super soft material, the weights attached to your ankles to increase lower body strength and improve balance particularly in those hard-to-ework micro-muscles. You can use them to go to the gym and take power walks, or simply wear them around when you do errands to get in bonus worouts. Each one comes with removsble weight bags that can be adjusted from 0.5 to 3.5 pounds.

The Back Scrubber That Reaches To Exfoliate Your Entire Back

Whereas other back scrubbers make you reach and bend in awkward angles to reach every spot on your back, the AQUIS exfoliating back scrubber is long and has handles on both ends so that you can stretch it across your body and leave no spot un-scrubbed. There are even two sides to better suit your needs: one with a textured, loofah-like surface that deeply exfoliates, and the other with a soft microfiber surface for massaging and nurturing skin.

A Kit That Lets You Make Your Own Lip Balm Right At Home

"This thing comes with tons of things that you can use: beeswax, essential oils, stickers, containers, butters..." one Amazon reviewer raves about the DIY Gift Kits lip balm kit, "not to mention it's all organic and natural." Perfect for anyone who loves living that DIY life, this lip balm kit comes with 23 tubes and tins so that you can create a wide variety of flavors and styles, whether you share them or save them for personal use.

The Shot Glasses Made Out Of Pure Himalayan Salt

Carved from the finest quality food-grade Himalayan pink salt, The Spice Lab Himalayan salt shot glasses naturally add a pinch of salty taste to any liquor your pour in, whether it's tequila or bourbon. Each shot glass is made of 100 percent pure Himalayan salt, and since salt is a naturally anti-bacterial mineral all you need to do to keep them clean is give them a quick wipe after use — no dishwasher necessary!

An Adjustable Foot Rest That Also Massages Your Feet

Place adjustable footrest under your desk because it doubles as a foot massager, thanks to the bubble texture on top. It comes already put together, and it has three adjustable heights to perfectly elevate your feet so that you’re actually comfortable while you’re typing and sitting in meetings.

An Ergonomic Neck Pillow That's Filled With Memory Foam

This ergonomic neck support pillow is made with ultra-soft memory foam and has a sloped structure that helps give your head more support. The side cutouts, meanwhile, create a perfect place to rest your top arm so it doesn't awkwardly press your shoulder in front of you while you sleep.

An Adhesive Tape For Mounting Heavy Objects

Mount objects like picture frames and posters to metal, plastic, aluminum, or glass surfaces using this double-sided acrylic tape. The strong, transparent tape can hold up to 17 pounds and is water-resistant, so it can be used outdoors or indoors. One roll gives you 21 feet of tape that can be washed and removed.

A Milk Frother That Lets You Adjust The Density Of Your Foam

While most milk frothers only offer one setting, the automatic milk frother gives you two whisks to use for hot or cold milk. Made with a stainless steel housing that conveniently detaches for easy pouring, this automatic milk frother can hold 5.12 ounces when frothing a liquid, and 10.25 ounces when simply heating it up.

The Face Mask That Shrinks And Clears Pores At The Same Time

Clay masks are a classic solution when it comes to absorbing excess oil from skin, and the Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Maskis loaded with it. "Where pore strips have failed in the past, this stuff excels," one Amazon reviewer raved. "My pores around those hard to reach spots get cleaned out and my skin feels so much cleaner and tighter." And as an added bonus, the carbonation provides a light tingling on your skin, so you can truly feel every pore getting cleansed and refreshed.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Doubles As An Essential Oil Diffuser

Drop some of your favorite essential oils to the stainless steel oil tray on top of this Himalayan salt lamp diffuser, and you're set to have aromatherapy in your room. Not only is this two-in-one lamp and essential oil diffuser made from 100% pure, beautiful Himalayan salt from Pakistan, but it even offers a wooden base and two replacement bulbs.

A Miracle Acne Treatment That Dries Up Pimples Practically Overnight

The temptation to pick at your face can be irresistable, I know, but trust me when I say that this acne drying treatment is a much better way to get rid of your breakouts. It's easy to use — just apply a small touch right before bed and leave it on overnight. By morning, you'll be one your way to clearer skin. "Miracle product," said one happy Amazon user. "Gets rid of my deep under the skin zits overnight or within two days. Very drying though, so I need to use sparingly and to moisturize."

This Baking Mat That Takes The Mess Out Of Baking

Not only can you use this baking mat to roll out dough, you can also put it on a cookie sheet and stick it in the oven up to 480 degrees. The mat distributes heat evenly, so you get consistent results and it protects pans from burnt sugar and fat. It's non-stick, non-skid, and even displays common measurement conversions right there on the mat. It's dishwasher-safe and when you're not using it? It rolls up for easy storage.

The Glove That Lets You Groom Your Pet In Hard To Brush Places

Trying to get a good grip on a fluffy tail when grooming your pet can be a frustrating hassle, so go ahead and make brushing easier with this grooming glove. The five-finger design not only lets you get those awkward and hard-to-reach places, but the rubber tips embedded along each finger give your pet a gentle and relaxing massage whenever you groom them. Suitable for daily grooming as well as for sensitive and young pets, this grooming glove can be used both wet or dry.

A Purse Light With An Automatic Motion-Activated Sensor

Constantly losing keys, pens, gum, and more at the bottom of your purse only to find them months later gets real old, real fast — so why not use the Wasserstein purse light to keep that black hole at the bottom of your handbag illuminated? The intelligent sensor turns on once it detects any movement and conveniently clips to the inside of your bag, shutting off automatically after a few seconds. And at only .7 ounces in weight and with a diameter of 1.8 inches, it's practically guaranteed to fit in almost any purse.

This Hand Strengthener That Gives You A Stronger Grip

Made out of stainless steel, this hand strengthener features multi-directional spring resistance. Squeezing it promotes strength and motility of the hands, wrists, and forearms. It's a great training tool for rock climbing or playing instruments like guitar and piano. Of course, it's not too shabby for helping to relieve stress too. This Amazon reviewer is a fan: "This product actually works! Not only is it a good stress reliever but I can feel my grip strengthening. I train in jiu jitsu and grip strength is really important. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and I already feel improvement."

An Organizer That Helps Keep Your Handbags And Purses Looking Neat

Why dedicate shelving in your closet solely to handbags when you can save space while staying organized with the handbag organizer? Able to hang on a standard closet rod and clothes tree, this handbag organizer has seven hooks on each side for a total of 14 hooks. And because it's made from durable yet soft nylon, you can be sure that it won't break or damage your purses.

An Exfoliating Wash Towel That Makes Your Skin Glow

Whether you tend to get dry skin or just like to keep it things extra smooth, this awesomely effective exfoliating towel will make your skin feel like heaven. It's made from soft polyester and designed to create a rich, soapy lather that helps slough off dead skin cells, leaving it silky to the touch. You can use the wash towel on your neck, back, legs, or wherever else you want to exfoliate.

A Lipstick That Changes Depending On Your Lip Temperature

Formulated with jojoba seed oil as well as vitamin E to help keep your lips moisturized, this jelly flower lipstick changes color depending on what temperature your lips are, so you'll be wearing an exclusive lip color whenever you put it on. The pack comes with six lip glosses that double as hydrating balms and look so cute on your vanity.

The Smartphone Car Mount That Fits Into Practically Any Cup Holder

Designed to securely fit into almost any car cup holder so that you can safely use your devices hands-free, the Macally two-in-one car mount is able to hold any tablet or smartphone that's between 3.5 and 8 inches wide. The 8-inch flexible arm can be twisted into almost any angle to give you the best viewing experience, and the part of the mount that holds the phone can swivel 360-degrees for an added boost of viewing flexibility.

A Floss That Uses Grapefruit Seed Extract To Freshen Breath

"The packaging is so cute and different from any other floss I've bought," one Amazon reviewer raves, "The floss is strong and the coating stops it from slipping out of my hands when using it. I love that it has a whitening effect and the taste is nice but not too strong." Unlike other floss brands, the Knotty Floss no-knot floss is infused with natural grapefruit seed extract as well as activated charcoal to help eliminate unwanted odor and balance your mouth's pH levels.

The Cell Phone Holder That Can Be Used Nearly Anywhere

Wear it around your neck like a necklace, stand it up on its own, or wrap it around your bike — if you can think of it, the B-Land cell phone holder can probably make it work. The 360-degree rotating phone holder lets you adjust your screen to any viewing angle you'd like, leaving your hands free to do whatever you want —and since it contains over 70 percent aluminum-magnesium alloy, this cell phone holder won't shake and will remain stable in most situations.

A Reusable Silicone Straw That's Eco-Friendly

We've all seen those photos of poor sea creatures getting caught in plastic waste, so do your part in saving the environment by eliminating wasteful plastic straws and start using the Mcool silicone straws instead. Not only are these straws reusable, but they're even perfect for thicker drinks like smoothies and milkshakes. And because they can be used again and again, each order comes with four cleaning brushes, as well as one storage pouch for safekeeping.

A Bizarre But Brilliant Way To Make Loads Of Ice Cubes At Once

Perfect for anyone whose freezer lacks an ice maker, the silicone ice cuber maker is easy to use: simply fill the outer chamber with water, put it in the freezer, lift up the inner cylinder, and squeeze out all the ice cubes into the bucket. When you're done making ice in this food-grade silicone gadget, you can use it for storage. It even comes with a lid.

A Cordless Shaver That Works Both In And Out Of The Shower

Why waste money on disposable razors when you can save money by getting this cordless electric shaver instead? Unlike other shavers, this includes a body trimmer with comb as well as a five-blade head — so if you choose to remove your hair, it gives you options that can be used all around your body. Able to be used both dry as well as in the shower, this shaver runs for up to 45 minutes on a charge.