38 Cheap Things That Make You Look Hot AF (& Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed)

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Trying to revamp your wardrobe or vanity with some new accessories and makeup products? Same — and while that does sound like a pricy venture, it doesn't have to be. In fact, there are tons of cheap Amazon products that'll make you look hot AF, and they're all available at your fingertips (aka right here on this list).

And don't worry: There's a little something for everybody — not just accessories and makeup. There are gorgeous lace bodysuits that look almost too hot with a pair of skinny jeans, 4-D mascara to give your lashes a plumped-up boost, as well as inspiring books to help brighten your mood. But if that's not enough to get you feeling hot AF, I've also made sure to include a pair of high-waisted leggings that make any booty look Instagram-ready. Full disclosure: I love them so much that I own multiple pairs.

It's nice to treat yourself, and these products can all help make you feel (and look) like you're on top of the world. So what are you waiting for? I can practically hear those leggings calling your name.

The Mascara That Delivers Voluminous Lashes

Not only is this 4-D silk fiber lash mascara waterproof, but it's also made for all-day coverage — no flaking, no smudging. It's suitable for sensitive skin and eyes since the formula is hypoallergenic, and many reviewers raved about how it's "long-lasting."

A Dry Shampoo With A Lightweight Lavender Scent

Whereas most dry shampoos have a chalky smell, this one features a lightweight lavender scent to help refresh your style. It's made without any talc, parabens, or phtalates — and the formula is also vegan as well as cruelty-free.

This Shampoo & Conditioner Packed With Nourishing Ingredients

If you're looking for a shampoo and conditioner that's gentle on your hair, search no further than this set. The shampoo is formulated with cleansing apple cider vinegar, while the conditioner is packed with coconut oil and avocado oil. The additional palmetto extract works to soften and strengthen dry, fragile strands, and it's completely hypoallergenic.

These Social Media-Approved Leggings That Are "Totally Worth It"

I own these leggings in three different colors — that's how much I adore them. The high-waist cut makes them look extra cute paired with a crop top, while the dimpled fabric is thick and squat-proof. Choose from dozens of colors, including Instagram-worthy neons. One customer wrote, "Well, TikTok didn’t lie and these leggings are totally worth it!"

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 4X-Large
The Shiny, Long-Lasting Lip Gloss By Lady Gaga

Available in dozens of rich colors — from chocolate rain to violet disco — this lip gloss from Lady Gaga delivers a reflective, creamy finish. The formula is vegan as well as cruelty-free. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that it "glides on smooth and feels nice on your lips"

A Sports Bra With An Adorably Strappy Back

This adorable sports bra is a comfortable, yet stylish addition to your gym attire. Layer it underneath a loose tank to show off the strappy back, and then go hit the weights or treadmill. No matter what you pick, the compression fit will feel secure.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 3X
These Stylish Sunglasses With Polarized Lenses

Even though these stylish sunglasses are only $15, the lenses are still polarized to help keep your eyes protected from the sun's glare. They're also scratch-resistant, and each order comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. The lenses are even available in colors including blue, green, pink, and more.

A Set Of Magnetic Eyelashes That Don't Require Messy Glue

Learning how to glue lashes to your lids takes time and practice, which is why I like to wear magnetic ones instead. Simply line your eyelids using the included magnetic liner, and the lashes will easily stick to the line you've drawn — no glue necessary.

The Ring Light That Helps Illuminate Your Selfies

Pop your phone into this ring light stand, then watch as your selfies come out nearly flawless in its warm amber glow. The legs extend in case you need a little extra height, and it features 10 adjustable brightness levels so that it'll work in nearly any lighting.

This Lightweight Sports Bra With A Crisscross Back

Made from four-way stretch material that wicks away sweat, this lightweight sports bra is perfect for lounging, yoga class, and more. The compression fit offers support, and it comes in six colors to suit any style: black, grey tie dye, floral, poppy, and more.

  • Available size: X-Small - 3X
The Eyeliner Stamp That Draws Winged Tips For You

Drawing the perfect winged tips on your eyes is rarely ever easy, and these eyeliner stamps can help. The long-lasting formula is smudge-proof as well as waterproof. And since there's a regular liner at the opposite end of each stamp, you can easily make any touch-ups necessary.

A Nourishing Serum That Can Help Enhance Your Lashes & Brows

It only takes about two months for this serum to help fortify your lashes, leaving them looking thicker and fuller. It's gentle on sensitive eyes, and you can also use it on your brows. No to mention, many reviewers raved about how it "actually does work!"

This Lace Bodysuit That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Made from a soft spandex blend that moves with you, this bodysuit can be layered up for a date night on the town (or even just simply worn to bed). The plunging neckline is almost too chic — and with more than 15 colors to choose from, it's easy to find one that suits your tastes.

  • Available sizes: Small - 4X
A Deep Waver That Helps Create Dramatic Volume

You don't need to spend a day at the beach to get gorgeous waves in your hair — just use this deep waver. The plates are made with tourmaline ceramic technology that helps reduce unwanted frizz while infusing shine. Plus, the heat is adjustable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pack Of Lace Hipsters For Less Than $20

Cute underwear can be expensive, whereas this four-pack of lacy hipsters are available for less than $20. They're made from a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex to help you stay comfortable all day — and you can choose from multiple color combinations.

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large
An Comb To Get Your Lashes Extra-Defined

Throw out that plastic eyelash comb in favor of this stainless steel option. The ultra-thin tines help you separate each individual lash so that they're extra-defined, and the curved base wraps around your lid so that no lash goes untouched.

This Deep V-Neck Sweater That's Soft & Cozy

This cozy sweater features an extra-deep V-neck that keeps it feeling loose and airy while you're lounging — but if you're in the mood to go out, you can easily dress it up with a chunky necklace. Choose from more than 10 colors, including sapphire, khaki, violet, and more.

  • Available sizes: Small - 3X
A Shea Sugar Body Scrub With Coconut & Hibiscus

Chock-full of shea butter and coconut oil, this sugar scrub infuses moisture into dry skin while simultaneously exfoliating away any flakes. This one has a sweet tropical scent, and I like to use it once a week after a heavy workout.

The Calvin Klein Underwear You'll Never Want To Take Off

I own more than four pairs of this Calvin Klein underwear — they're that comfortable, especially when I'm working from home. They're made from a super-soft blend of cotton and elastane, while the wide waistband helps keep them from pinching into your hips.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Number of colors: 10
A Microblade Pen For Extra-Defined Brows

You don't have to pay for an expensive microblading session to get defined brows — just use this pen. It's perfect for everyone from professional artists, to anyone following their first TikTok beauty tutorial. And since the formula is waterproof, there's no need to worry about it running off during the day.

The Moroccan Oil That Helps Tame Unwanted Frizz

This Moroccan oil treatment is chock-full of vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients to help leave your hair feeling silky-smooth, and it's a must-have if you're looking to tame unwanted frizz. Just rub a dime-sized amount between your hands, run them through your hair, then style as you normally would for instantly noticeable results.

A Mulberry Silk Face Mask With Space For An Extra Filter

Available in more than 10 gorgeous pastel shades, this face mask isn't just soft — it's made from 100% breathable mulberry silk. Unlike many other reusable masks, this one features a hidden pocket on the inside where you can insert an extra filter.

This Lacy Bodysuit With A Strappy Criss-Cross Back

The strappy criss-cross back on this lace bodysuit adds a stylish flair to an already-chic and detailed piece — and since it's made with mostly cotton (65%), it's both breathable and comfortable. There are more than 10 bright colors to choose from: wine, orange, peacock, and more.

  • Available sizes: Small - 4X
A Book That'll Help You Get Your Sh*t Together ... Because Having Your Sh*t Together Is HOT

If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to get one — or even just life in general — this book can help. Author Sarah Knight teaches you how to not just de-clutter your mind, but also how to put emphasis on the things that are really important to you. In fact, tons of reviewers called it "life changing."

The Liquid Illuminator That Leaves Your Skin Glowing

This liquid illuminator isn't just for contouring; it also works great as a foundation base that leaves your skin with a glowing sheen — and it's available in four shades. Plus, the formula is lightweight as well as cruelty-free. "I have really sensitive skin and a lot of cheap products make me break out, but this doesn't," wrote one reviewer. "Very easy to blend, and a little goes a long way."

A Silky Kimono Robe With A Gorgeous Peacock Print

Looking for something new to lounge in? Then it's time to upgrade to this gorgeous peacock kimono. It comes in more than 15 colors — from champagne to watermelon red — and it even has pockets where you can stash accessories while you're getting dressed.

  • One size fits most.
This Hydrating Mask Made With Keratin & Avocado

Made with protein-rich keratin and avocado, this hair mask helps infuse dry, damaged strands with shine and moisture. It's suitable for use on all types of hair — from curly to straight — and there are zero sulfates or parabens within the formula.

A Quick Reminder That You Are, In Fact, Awesome

Confidence and self-love can give you a radiant glow that's unmatched by any cream or serum. Let this book remind you how awesome you are. It's filled with hilariously inspiring stories to brighten your mood, sage advice to get you through tough days, and even mental exercises to help reset your mind on a positive track.

The Knitted Bodysuit That’s Soft & Stretchy

Made from a breathable blend of polyester and spandex, this soft bodysuit is so comfortable that more than 1,000 reviewers gave it either four or five stars. The V-neck can be buttoned up or down to adjust how deep it is — and with more than two dozen colors to choose from, you might as well grab a few while you’re here.

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large
A Teeth Whitening Kit That’s Gentle On Sensitive Mouths

Not all teeth whitening kits are suitable for sensitive mouths, whereas this one comes with a low sensitivity serum included. The carbamide peroxide paste helps whiten your smile — and it'll even work to eliminate unwanted stains from coffee, tea, as well as wine. Most reviewers were able to see noticeable results in just a few weeks, with some customers writing that it made a difference in just one.

This Matching Sweatsuit Set For Lazy Days At Home

Relaxing at home doesn't mean you have to feel mismatched or underdressed — and this adorable sweatsuit is proof. It's made from a soft polyester with a hint of stretchy spandex, making it super cozy. Plus, the fit is tapered enough that you can also wear it out for quick errands, or even just a trip to the mailbox.

Obama's Memoir (Because Being Well Read Is SO DAMN Attractive)

From his early political ambitions to his historic win as the first Black president, Barack Obama reflects on his eight years as the leader of the United States in his first volume of memoirs, A Promised Land. It's an inspiring New York Times bestseller, and reviewers found the behind-the-scenes perspective engaging — all the way from start to finish.

The Hot Air Hair Brush That Effortlessly Adds Volume

When your roots are looking a little flat for your liking, this hot air brush can help liven them up. Just curl your strands into the barrel, then wait a few seconds to allow the hot air to flow through the tufted bristles as you brush. There are even three heat settings to choose from.

The Masks That Can Help Brighten The Skin Under Your Eyes

If the skin underneath your eyes could use a refresh, you might want to consider giving these masks a try. They’re made with real 24-karat gold that can help brighten skin, as well as hyaluronic acid that delivers a nourishing dose of moisture. But if that isn’t enough? One reviewer even wrote that “Even after just one time, I've already seen a small difference!”

This Gel Manicure Kit That Comes With 6 Polish Colors

With six gorgeous polish shades included — charcoal, rose, pink, and more — this gel manicure kit is perfect for beginners. It comes with everything you need to not only paint your nails, but also the tools to clean, trim, and buff them.

A Faux Shearling Coat That's Soft & Warm

Made from ultra-soft and cozy shearling, this oversized coat is the perfect top layer to keep you warm all winter long. It features pockets on each side for cold hands (or even just your phone while you're out and about). Plus, it comes in a variety of luxurious shades: dark pink, blue, camel, wine, and more.

  • Available sizes: Small - 3X-Large
These Silicone Brushes That Exfoliate Dry, Chapped Lips

When your lips are flaking, these lip brushes can help exfoliate away old skin to leave them feeling smooth and soft. They're gentle enough that you can use them every day — and since they're made from high-quality silicone, you can reuse them as many times as you please.

This Moon & Map Necklace For A Layered Look

Instead of trying to mix-and-match your jewelry for a cute layered look, just put this necklace on. The moon, earth, and ring pendants are made from a durable alloy that's fade-resistant. Pair it with a deep V-neck, or even toss it on for a cute date night.

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