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Your Zodiac Sign Holds All The Fashion Inspo You’ll Need For 2022

Earth signs have a lot of fashion to look forward to this year.

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Every year, there are new fads taking over the viral world. 2021 was all about puffy sleeves and cow print, and even if you love those looks and are committed to bringing them into 2022, there are even more fads and styles waiting to take over the airwaves in the coming year. Rather than play it safe with your look, you can instead look to the stars and try out a new 2022 fashion trend perfect for your zodiac sign. Step out of your comfort zone and give something new a shot.

Once you’ve successfully Marie Kondoed your wardrobe and cleared out all the things you fell out of love with, never wore, or just stained in 2021, you’ll find yourself in need of some top-notch trends to take their place. And according to Cindy Conroy, a celebrity fashion stylist, and Rachel Zoe, a fashion expert on Intro (and founder of the BDG-owned website The Zoe Report), there are quite few styles that are really going to dominate in the new year.

Whether you love to be the center of attention like a Leo or prefer classic, more simple styles like a Libra, you can find a trend that lets you shine in your own favorite way. Below are the 2022 trends you’ll fall in love with, based on your zodiac sign.

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2022 Fashion Trend for Aries: Orange

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Fear isn’t a word in your everyday vocabulary or in your wardrobe, Aries, so as you dare to be different in the new year, orange is the color you should be seeking out. “Orange will be big in 2022,” Conroy tells Elite Daily. “This color’s bright and is a great pop of color to have in your closet.” Despite this secondary’s color rise in popularity, it still can be hard to match. However, an Aries doesn’t back down from a challenge, so orange is your next stylistic mountain to climb.

2022 Fashion Trend for Taurus: Wide-Legged Pants

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While Taurians are known for being one of the more fashionable signs in the zodiacs, they still generally sway towards comfort. Despite the fact they aren’t tempted by quick-changing trends as much as others, wide-leg trousers are ideal for a Taurian’s 2022 uniform. “A wide-leg trouser is more of an essential than a trend,” Zoe says. She also highlights the fact that the way “you can style them for casual days or evening makes them such a closet staple.” The wearability and timelessness will have Taurians wearing wide-leg pants every day of the week.

2022 Fashion Trend for Gemini: Trains

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There’s not a zodiac sign out there that’s more dramatic than Gemini. You love to demand and command attention, so there’s only one 2022 fashion trend for you. “Never has the back view of a style seemed more essential until most currently on the runway,” Conroy says. “The back view is the new dramatic statement. Everyone should be leaving the room this year with everyone staring in awe.” If anyone deserves (and is begging for) extra flourish in 2022, it’s you, Gemini.

2022 Fashion Trend for Cancer: Sweatpants with Pomp

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Cancers prioritize being cozy over everything else. If you could have things your way, you would never leave your bed. But, sadly, that’s not how the world works. Luckily, Zoe has the look that you can rock while working and while feeling as comfy as possible: sweatpants with heels. You get the professional touch without leaving your trusted loungewear behind; it’s the best of both worlds.

2022 Fashion Trend for Leo: Miniskirts

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Don’t worry, Leos, you’ll be able to show off your legs in 2022 because miniskirts will be all the rage all year long. “Miniskirts can be seen all year long in many variations. Worn in the hotter months to escape the heat and in the colder months as a layering piece in fall prints and colors,” Conroy says, you can take your favorite itty bitty skirts out from their storage exile and break them out for 365-day wear.

2022 Fashion Trend for Virgo: Corsets

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When it comes to Virgo fashion, you follow suit with the other earth signs: You love to be stylish, but fads just aren’t your thing. So if a Virgo’s going to invest their money, in a new piece it better be on something that’ll they’ll wear over and over again. That’s where the corset comes in. “The corset is a strong piece that we may see in all kinds of fabrics and can be easily paired with a miniskirt or a wide-leg pant,” Conroy says. Its versatility and durability make it ideal for a Virgo to fall in love with.

2022 Fashion Trend for Libra: Matchy-Matchy Sets

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Look out, Cher, Libra’s are coming for your matching sets in 2022. Zoe sees a rise in the ‘90s co-ord style, and there’s no one better than the ever-balanced and light Libra to bring the trend back full swing.

2022 Fashion Trend for Scorpio: Monochromatic ‘Fits

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Scorpios are well known for their intensity and seriousness, and there’s only one 2022 trend that can match their intimidating energy: monochromatic ‘fits. Being able to wear one outfit with layering tones is so powerful and eye-catching that it’s perfect for the (to be honest) most intimidating sign in the zodiac.

2022 Fashion Trend for Sagittarius: Flowing Dresses

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While “easy, flowy, and effortless” are all words that could be attributed to Sagittarians, they’re actually what Zoe used to describe this 2022 fashion trend: loose dresses. Rather than a fancy dress you can only wear on certain occasions, Zoe sees “silhouettes that seamlessly transition from season to season and of course, from day to night, by layering a jacket, incorporating a pair of heels” as the move for the new year.

2022 Fashion Trend for Capricorn: Velvet

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Always on the go and balancing a million projects, Capricorns are the queens of getting dressed in a hurry and somehow making it look high end. They enjoy a balance of streamlined professional pieces with comfort for all-day wear. No one knows better than a Capricorn how to get all dolled up in athleisure, and Conroy’s recommendation for a stellar 2022 trend is velvets. The fabric is soft enough to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug while fancy enough to go out on the town.

2022 Fashion Trends for Aquarius: Abstract Prints

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Get ready for things to get heady, Aquarians. Since you often take an experimental approach to your style, patterns have long been your calling card, and that doesn’t have to change in 2022. “We’re seeing scaled Artscape prints and grayscale prints. The distorted and abstract prints with the use of black and white colors,” Conroy says, and these looks are just what you need to strut down the streets in a heady and jarring fashion.

2022 Fashion Trend for Pisces: Layers on Layers

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Pisces are known for taking a kind of boho approach to their clothing, preferring pieces that relate to their current state of emotions and reflect them. Therefore, intricate layering will unsurprisingly be the trend you find yourself drawn to. It allows you to shroud yourself in many of your favorite pieces, draw comfort from them, and still feel like you could attend fashion week.