For NYC-based fashion journalist, entrepreneur, and multi-hyphenate creative Anaa Nadim Saber, the intersection between fashion and art has always felt like home.

”I found refuge in fashion and was always heavily into art,” says Saber. “A creative career path was the only option for me.” As the founder of style blog Our Second Skin, she’s long demonstrated a keen eye for not just what’s trending in fashion, but the wider cultural forces moving throughout the industry, from the influence of streetwear to diversity and inclusivity.

Saber is steadily changing the landscape of fashion through her unique perspective on style, and in partnership with adidas Originals Nite Jogger, she shared what inspires her — and why success in the fashion world requires a truly multidisciplinary, self-driven approach.

Saber wears adidas Originals Nite Jogger in Grey One / Crystal White / Grey Two.

“Fashion was definitely something that had always been a part of who I am,” says Saber. From her time at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to her past role at a renowned marketing think tank, Saber has always brought her unique perspective and unparalleled work ethic to the fashion industry. Not only has this gotten her ahead, but it’s made her success even sweeter.

“As a Pakistani-American woman who has struggled a long journey to get to where I am today, I think it’s important to make sure our voices and stories are heard,” she shares. “Playing a role as a leader and being able to voice my opinion in the industry has definitely been my favorite part of this journey.”

Saber’s unique style is informed by the influences she encounters on a daily basis. “A lot of my inspiration comes from my travels, the people I come across, the food I try, and the cultures I get to immerse myself into,” says Saber. “I love exploring fashion from places other than the usual Western fashion I’m used to. This definitely stems from my background as a Pakistani-American and my passion to learn and continue to educate myself.”

Effortlessly balancing polished pieces and laidback streetwear, Saber’s everyday looks are an extension of her personality. One day you may find her in a vintage button-up and an army green vest; the next in a fringed top with flares.

“My advice for any creative trying to break [into the] industry is to work extremely hard, perfect your craft, and put yourself out there,” says Saber. “The best way I was able to do this was from constantly interning at a young age and building my network. This may not work for everyone, but I think it’s a great start.”

Photos: Cheril Sanchez