You're Going To Need This Poster Of George Washington Dunking Over Kim Jong-Un In Your Room (Photo)

I haven't seen a posterizer so patriotically powerful since Vince Carter deleted Frederic Weiss from the universe. But seeing as this actually involves our Founding Father and first President/Commander-in-Chief George Washington dropping the hammer on Kim Jong Un, I think this wins.

How does a work 0f art like this come into being? Reddit. One month ago a user called u/fact_school_cat posed this request to the Internet:

"There is not nearly enough art depicting our country's Founders playing basketball, a game which was not invented until 100 years after the final colony ratified the Constitution. I want this art. This is a new idea of mine, but I'd love to hire an artist to create this work. I haven't quite decided on content, but I'm thinking either a team of Founding Fathers versus international enemies (think Kim Jong Eun -- a real basketball fan) or versus a team of my least favorite players (think Andray Blatche). The game should probably take place in Philadelphia's basketball arena. This is a strange but serious request. Get back with me and let's talk it over. Thanks. PS -- if you know a better way to commission this work online, I'd love to hear about it."

The added touch of Abraham Lincoln displaying his perfect fundamentals and boxing out Joseph Stalin in the background, despite the foregone conclusion of Washington's tomahawk, is brilliant. Young painting sports fans out there, consider the stakes raised.

Proud to be an American.

H/T: ExtraMustard, Photo Courtesy: aaronneedham