This Little Bulls Fan Was All Of Us When The Crowd Won Free Big Macs

For many of us, our greatest heroes are the athletes we cheer for on a daily basis. For Chicago Bulls fans and one little boy, in particular, that fact has never been more true.

See, when the Bulls' E'Twaun Moore had two free throws to make late in Chicago's victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday, the game was already won, but the free McDonald's Big Macs were still on the line.

Thanks to Moore's back-to-back makes, the Bulls reached the 100-point mark in the game, which, because of a team promotion, meant every fan in attendance won free Big Macs from McDonald's.

The United Center crowd was pretty pumped about the prize, but no one more so than this youngster. Thank God for television camera crews.

This kid goes nuts when E'Twaun Moore makes two free-throws to give fans free big macs — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 8, 2016

You know who else was pumped? The dad who had a happy child for the rest of the night.

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