Wrestler Pops The Question To His GF During Their Pro Wrestling Match

We've all already seen quite a few creative proposals in 2016, but pro wrestler Joey Ryan might've just topped the list.

Here's how Ryan's proposal went down.

Ryan and his girlfriend, Laura James, were wrestling each other at a match in San Diego, California. Ryan, who just used James to take out the referee, was taken to the mat by James. Then, while James got up to check on the well-being of the ref, Ryan crawled to the corner of the wrestling ring and grabbed an engagement ring.

By the time James turned back around, Ryan was down on one knee, and the whole crowd was chanting for the couple. Thankfully, she said, "yes."

Awww, right?

What a crazy match tonight! pic.twitter.com/YVpjSyAkTM — laura james (@lauraclarejames) February 21, 2016

Even though this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, Ryan still needed to get that victory. As he embraced his new fiancée and shared a congratulatory kiss, he pulled a wrestling move and pinned James for the victory.

Talk about a win-win situation!

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