This Instagram Account Is Basically 'Humans Of New York' For Athletes


When Humans of New York began in 2010, the goal was to showcase photographs of 10,000 New York City inhabitants.

Soon, though, the stories and quotes the New York City residents started sharing became as important as the photographs they accompanied.

Now, HONY boasts upward of eight million followers on social media, has become a New York Times bestseller and has served as inspiration for other accounts, like the wildly successful Millennials of New York.

Another example is Wooter, a website that seeks to make finding sports leagues in your area as simple as possible. You enter your zip code, select your sport and should be enrolled in a league in no time.

In addition, Wooter runs an Instagram page highlighting the many athletes who participate in the various leagues it advertises.

Each picture it posts is accompanied by a quote and, whether the people behind the account realize it or not, they've created something very similar to Humans of New York.

Check out a few of the photos and stories of everyday athletes and weekend warriors who really are playing for the love of the game.


















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