This Warriors Fan Remixed Drake's 'Back to Back' And It's Actually Fire (Video)

This is great. This is just really great.

You turn on the video, and instantly, you think things are headed south.

Yeah, all of it wasn't looking too good -- the oversized t-shirt, the shoddy lighting, the poor video quality, the fact that he messed up the easiest part of "Back to Back" right off the bat ("oh man, oh man").

And then this man went and did LeBron worse than Drake did Meek Mill by saying,

Seen what you do for fame. What would you do for rings? Oh, we all know you just be switchin' teams.

Damn, bruh. We hear you.

Oh, and just for the record, the Warriors do look like they're going back to back, meaning we might have to worry about a three-peat if they add a certain someone next summer.