This Gorgeous Russian Model Is Officially The Face Of The 2018 World Cup (Photos)

You may not be the biggest soccer fan in the world, but everyone loves a World Cup, right?

You watch the games with friends, you spend $100 on a jersey you're never going to wear again and you drink like it's your patriotic duty.

While we're still a few years away from the 2018 World Cup in Russia, some news just broke that should get you even more hyped for one of the greatest sporting events on the planet.

Victoria Lopyreva is a television host, model, actress and former Miss Russia winner.

And now, the 32-year-old can add World Cup ambassador to her resume.

Meet Victoria Lopyreva, the official World Cup ambassador of the 2018 World Cup.

Victoria Lopyreva has been a celebrity in her native Russia for years.

In 2003, she was crowned Miss Russia, cementing her place at the top of Russian popularity.

The 32-year-old has also been featured in Cosmopolitan and Maxim.

In addition to winning a Miss Russia title, Lopyreva was once a director of the Miss Russia pageant.

In 2006, she hosted Miss Europe in Ukraine.

Two years later, Victoria was a contestant on a Russian "Survivor"-esque reality show, "Last Hero."

And by the looks of things, this stunning woman is definitely an adventurer of sorts...

...which makes her an ideal choice for the official ambassador of the 2018 World Cup.

That, and the fact that Victoria Lopyreva appears to be a huge soccer fan.

She's clearly no stranger to commenting on the beautiful game, either.

Maybe the former Miss Russia winner can even hold her own on the field.

So don't just sit there thinking Lopyreva got this job based solely on her looks...

...because her travel history, work in television and love for soccer have all factored into the decision.

Victoria Lopyreva has paid her dues, and now she'll have her real moment in the sun.

Here's hoping the next 33 months or so go by in a flash.

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