Usain Bolt's Keeping His Dance Moves PG-ish On Vacay With His Girlfriend

He's proven himself to be quite the dancer over the past few weeks.

Or at least, if the videos of him rubbing up against girls in Rio to Rihanna's "Work," are anything to go by.

And Usain Bolt did not leave his moves at home when he jetted off to Bora Bora with long term (and long suffering) girlfriend Kasi Bennett.

But luckily for Kasi, Usain kept it (relatively) PG.

Bolt is seen throwing some shapes with some dancers in traditional Bora Bora getup. Whilst Bolt is wearing some interesting-looking headgear, sadly he stuck to a white shorts and shirt.

In what looks like a choreographed dance, Bold and some guy in a green loin cloth pull a variety of poses.

It starts with the signature lightening bolt pose.


Then the trackstar tries some twerking of his own.


Before finally descending into dad-moves.


And that's not all.

Usain and Kasi have been documenting their moves on Snapchat over the past few days.

Always one to break boundaries, Bolt has used his signature move to put a fresh spin on the dab.


Usain made sure that his following don't miss out on any of his moves.


So despite the cheating rumors, it looks like Usain and Kasi are as close as ever.