Even Usain Bolt's Mom Isn't Happy Until He Gets Married And Settles Down

From the outside looking in, Usain Bolt's mother is unique.

Jennifer Bolt has given birth to an Olympic legend, the fastest man in the world, and her family has become wealthy and been able to do so much because of it.

And yet, she's ultimately like every other mom when it comes to one topic.

In an interview with CNN, Jennifer said,

I would hope he'll settle down, get married and start his family. I know he'll settle down because he has said it. He told me many times that he's going to start his family.

That is what she answered, without hesitation, in response to a question of what she hopes for her son after he retires. And that is also hilariously typical of a Millennial's mom, which brings us to this next point.

Are we sure Bolt actually promised her he'd "settle down" after the Olympics?

This sounds like a situation where Bolt gave a dismissive "OK" just so his mom would stop talking about the subject, in front of company, on Christmas.

Actually, that's definitely how it went, isn't it?

Even if Usain Bolt doesn't retire, though, it looks like his mom is enjoying the benefits of his career, anyway.

She said during the CNN interview,

It's really, you know, a pleasure knowing that we have the fastest man as our son because we get to go out, we do lots of interviews, get to go places. It's really a pleasure. It's happy and feeling good.

And Usain will probably be happy with all of that too, except the part where his mom talks about him potentially getting married in interviews that millions of people are watching. That part is always annoying.

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