Two Football Players Are Suspended After Attacking A Referee On A Play (Video)

In Texas, two John Jay High School football players were suspended for what appeared to be a calculated attack on a referee during a game.

The incident occurred Friday, with about a minute left in the game, after two other John Jay players had already been ejected from the contest.

Marble Falls High School, the school playing John Jay, was attempting to run out the clock when one John Jay player leveled the referee from behind. A teammate came in to deliver another hit after the official was already on the ground.

Stan Laing, the Northside Independent School District athletic director, called the act "disturbing" and "inexcusable."

The Marble Falls Police Department, which is investigating the incident, released the following statement,

During the game two players from John Jay High School targeted one of the game officials and blindsided him, knocking him to the ground. The incident was recorded on video from several different angles and the Marble Falls Police Department is conducting an investigation. No arrests have been made at this time. An update will be released within the week.

It remains to be seen if the referee will press criminal charges.

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