Twitter Is Comparing Ayesha Curry And Kim Kardashian, And It's Getting Messy


In the most Internet way possible, Ayesha Curry and Kim Kardashian West are at the center of a Twitter beef in which neither is actively participating.

Though it might be confusing to some, it's still easy to see how the basketball wife and reality TV star arrived at this point.

Ayesha Curry, the popular wife of NBA MVP Stephen Curry, hasn't said a damn thing worth mentioning today.

Twitter/Ayesha Curry

Yet, here she is at 1:02 pm EST as the number one organically trending topic in the US on Twitter.


It's undeniable Curry couldn't have gotten there without this...

...and this happening.

Why? Because every time a debate about modesty ignites over Twitter, which definitely happened after Kim K dropped her latest nudes, a mention of Ayesha Curry can't be too far behind.

Much of that fact stems from Curry's infamous tweet a while back.

For many, that tweet made Ayesha the mascot of #TeamModest and the person to compare any woman to when necessary.

That's why this was so easy to see coming.

By "this," I mean people talking about getting themselves Ayesha Currys instead of Kim Kardashians.

Chrissy Teigen even warned Ayesha.

Sure enough, the backlash to the backlash came, too.


There are people sitting on the sidelines and just laughing at the action.

But, there are also people who are making this real messy...

...and others who are just done pulling punches.

Yikes, someone bring us back to normalcy.

OK, we're good. All this, mind you, happened without Ayesha saying a word about Kim Kardashian West.

Too bad we all can't get Curry's true opinion on the matter.

Yup, too bad, indeed.