20 Hilarious Tweets From The Rockets' Social Media Guy Who Got Fired


Oh, when faux outrage wins. *Sigh*

Seemingly because offending anyone is grounds for being fired, the Houston Rockets axed their now former Director of Communications on Wednesday, just a day after said employee posted a tweet that featured an *clears throat* unsavory sequence of emoji.

In a quote delivered to the Houston Chronicle, the fired employee, Chad Shanks, made sure to clear the air for anyone who was deeply offended by the tweet.

Right. The crazy thing about all of this is that the Rockets' account used to be known for having the best tweets of all NBA teams. And after going through their account, we can see why.

Here are the 20 best tweets during the NBA Playoffs from the Rockets' old Twitter guy:

Worth 1,000 words

For those of you keeping score at home

Rejections should be simple

I've seen worse ideas

There's the humble brag...

Two words recognized on playgrounds across America

Then there's the brag brag...

This guy's got the memes on deck


This is pretty accurate, tbh

Just checking...

And people says Greek life isn't cool anymore

Getting an eyewitness account, expert journalism

Armchair quarterback


Definitely the professional way to handle disappointment

We know what it says, but we couldn't resist

Quoting Ludacris? Boss

By far, the best (lighten up)