4 Reasons Why Tom Brady Is The Ultimate Man Crush Monday

by Miranda Kulp

Now that Tom Brady has just led the New England Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl win, he has officially earned the title as one of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has to offer.

Starting his career as a backup for the first two years at the University of Michigan, he got drafted in the sixth round by the Patriots in the 2000 NFL draft. Now, 14 years later, he has helped create an entire winning dynasty for New England.

Not only is Brady a great athlete, he's also a great role model. For the most part, he has avoided any serious rumors and stands as a solid role model for his fans.

He's the classic American boy who took his love for football and made it into a career. It seems like everything Brady puts his mind to, he accomplishes.

At 37 years old, he's been able to win basically every trophy possible in his career, including his gorgeous supermodel wife.

Just to throw some numbers at you, Brady holds four Super Bowl Championships (2001, 2003-2004 and 2014), and has appeared in six Super Bowl games. He is also the NFL MVP in 2007 and 2010.

In 2007, he was named Male Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press, and after his 2010 season, he was officially ranked the best player in the NFL.

The women swoon over his looks, while their moms love his charm. He's the guy you'll either love or hate, but even when you're hating, you'll secretly love him.

Now, to match his four Super Bowl wins, here are the four reasons Tom Brady, without a doubt, should be everyone's Man Crush Monday.

He knows how to lead the team.

Simply looking at numbers, Brady knows how to pull out the victories for the Patriots. However, a great leader such as Brady knows how to lead by example.

He is always pushing himself to play his best and beat records, which inspires the entire team. He also is always seen congratulating the other team regardless of the outcome, showing that leadership is about more than just the final score.

Win or lose, Brady knows how to keep it classy and always strives for ways to improve the team.

He's a family man.


Being raised with three older sisters, Brady knows what it's like to treat girls with respect. As a true family man, Brady is in the works of raising his own family now.

After dating for a few years, Brady married Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen in 2009 and now has a son and a daughter with her.

He has a sense of humor.

Although he takes his football career seriously, Brady definitely knows how to have some fun. He has been caught several times goofing off with his teammates and children.

However, his greatest comedic moment was when he hosted "Saturday Night Live" and showed the world his killer dance moves

He's in touch with his emotions.

It's pretty clear Brady is the type of person who puts everything he has into something if he loves it. A man who isn't afraid to cry on national TV is a man who is brave enough to show his emotional side.

Just like he wins almost every trophy, he's also winning the most deserving Man Crush Monday today. Tom Brady is a leader, father and a man everyone can love.