Tom Brady Will Make You Wear Ugg Slippers If You Visit Him


Last Sunday night, the New England Patriots kicked off their season with a win over the Arizona Cardinals. Sounds pretty standard, right?

Well, in reality, this game was anything but. For the first time in 113 games, quarterback Tom Brady did not start for the Patriots, as he is serving a four-game suspension to start this NFL season.

So, how is Brady keeping busy the first month of the season? Well, the 39-year-old recently sat down with New York magazine to talk about how he's coping with the suspension and what he's doing to stay in a good frame of mind while he's not playing.

During the interview, which took place at the Viceroy hotel in Midtown Manhattan, Brady revealed a whole lot about himself, and only fostered the opinion this dude is, in fact, like no other ordinary human being.

For starters, Brady apparently smelled like wood during the interview, but that's really nothing compared to the information he shared.

Apparently, Brady has never had coffee or a strawberry (what?) in his life, and he has more UGGs than he can keep track of.

In fact, Brady revealed if you were to come to his house, you'd be forced to take part in this unholy UGG-wearing phenomenon.

Speaking on these odd lifestyle choices, Brady said,

He continued,

Finally, the athlete who appears to have it all revealed which competitor's skill he wishes he had, saying,

It appears even the great Tom Brady has room for improvement.

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