NY Mets Rookie TJ Rivera Has The Hottest Wife In All Of Baseball

Before the New York Mets took the field against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night, Mets rookie infielder TJ Rivera was relatively unknown.

By the time the game ended, everyone in Queens and beyond knew his name.

In his first start since August 23, the 27-year-old Rivera had three hits, three RBI and cracked a game-winning home run in the top of the 10th inning to help lift the Mets to a crucial victory.

In the aftermath of TJ Rivera's heroics, I'm sure every Mets fan and baseball aficionado frantically Googled his name to try and learn all they could about the young hero.

After a few seconds of Googling, you can learn a lot about TJ Rivera's history and path to the majors, and that's all well and good, but you also discover Rivera has the hottest, sexiest wife in all of baseball.

According to her Instagram account, Ashton Rose Rivera -- best name ever? -- is a "wife," a "doggy mom" and a "Christian." She's also into "animals," the "Mets" and her "family."

After a quick glance at her photos, you'll discover something else about Ashton Rivera -- she's insanely hot. Here's a closer look at NY Mets Rookie TJ Rivera's wife, the hottest WAG in all of baseball.

Tuesday night, the nation watched NY Mets rookie second baseman TJ Rivera hit a game-winning homer, but his wife has been watching him all along.

Before his heroics, TJ Rivera was relatively unknown, but after hitting up Google, you learn a whole lot about TJ and his smoke-show wife, Ashton Rose Rivera.

Aston Rose Rivera is absolutely gorgeous...

...and on top of that, she looks like a real ride-or-die woman.

Before this week, we had no clue who TJ Rivera (or his sexy wife) was.

Now, thanks to his timely hitting in the clutch, we know all about Ashton Rose Rivera.

I mean, just imagine if TJ Rivera never got his chance in the majors...

...or if he didn't perform so damn well when the Mets needed him most?

How about if the dude he replaced, Neil Walker, never got injured?

These are all pretty scary thoughts, because if none of the above happened, we'd know nothing about Ashton Rose Rivera.

I know, I can barely think about that horror.

In any event, here's to TJ Rivera hitting many more home runs, and his wife, Ashton, attending as many Mets games as humanly possible.

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