Tim Tebow Is Officially A New York Met, And Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

by Adam Silvers

Wednesday night, after winning 14 of their last 18 games, the New York Mets pulled into a virtual tie with the St. Louis Cardinals for the final Wild Card spot in the National League playoff picture.

Thursday morning, the Mets broke the internet by announcing the signing of former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

Yes, the dude who can't really throw a football and appears unable to really throw a baseball just got a minor league contract with one of the most publicized teams in all of professional baseball.

I'm an avid Mets fan, so I've been shaking my head for the last hour or so, but I think it's time to start laughing at this ridiculousness before I start crying.

As you might imagine, Twitter is having a field day with the Tim Tebow news. Some folks, yours truly included, can't believe this actually happened.

Like, why would a team trying to claw their way into the postseason create a media circus by signing a dude who will probably never play one game in the majors?

Then, my head starts to actually get to a point where I fathom what it would be like if the Mets did put Tim Tebow in a real game.

Before I start to really lose it, check out some of the best Twitter reactions to the New York Mets signing Tim Tebow.

@TimTebow. #Mets — ----- Kev © ----- (@MrMetKevC) September 8, 2016
Tyga just got signed to G.O.O.D Music & Tim Tebow just got signed to the Mets.Anything is possible kids @DNR_CREW — ShowsYOU (@ShowMemories) September 8, 2016

So, there you have it. Tim Tebow is a New York Met. It isn't even 11 am, but I'm going to go drink alcohol now. Bye.