This Tribute Video Sums Up Tim Duncan's Career In 58 Seconds

If you're not a San Antonio Spurs fan, you probably hated Tim Duncan throughout his 19-year career. However, you absolutely respected his on-court accomplishments as well as how he carried himself outside of basketball.

Just a short while ago, the San Antonio Spurs tweeted about Tim Duncan's retirement from the NBA.

This is truly a historic day. From being one of just two players to win an NBA title in three different decades to racking up 15 All-Star nods, Duncan personified greatness.

He's also the Spurs' all-time leader in pretty much every statistical category known to man.

How do you sum up the 19-year career of a pro's pro? Tim Duncan was one of the last of a dying breed in the NBA, and his influence will be felt for years to come.

While there's sure to be a myriad of tributes and celebrations in the coming hours, days and weeks, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better Tim Duncan tribute right now than the following 58-second video.

Yeah, you can go get a box of tissues now. Throughout today, you're going to see numerous comparisons of Tim Duncan to other legendary athletes...

...but just remember, there will only ever be one No. 21, Tim Duncan.

Thank you, Tim.