The Professional Athletes Who Have The Most Children With Different Women

by Eddie Cuffin

We have heard some wild stories over the years of athletes and the amount of children they have. Some of these athletes pump these kids out as if it is their job. The best part is that they somehow find a way to have multiple kids with multiple partners. Not sure how they don't get confused by their 9th or 10th offspring, I guess it’s just one more statistic to keep track of. For these athletes, scoring is certainly no foreign concept -- but apparently, contraceptives are.

We understand that going in raw is ideal; however, you're an athlete and wasting your hard earned bucks on child support is just dumb. For some reason, these men can do amazing athletic feats, but putting on a condom is impossible. Here are the top 10 athletes with the most kids:

Larry Johnson: 5 Children, with 4 different women.


Who doesn't remember Larry Johnson's famous four-point play against the Indiana Pacers. Well for LJ, it may be easier for him to remember this play than the names of all his children. Larry is on the hot seat as economic pressure is causing him to contemplate a return to the NBA with a front office role. Who wouldn't be under such financial pressure when you have 5 kids -- with 4 different women?

Charles Rodgers: 5 Children, with 4 different women.


Charles Rodgers had such a promising future. The 6'3'' wide receiver was a beast in college, but his unfamiliarity with contraceptives has weighed down his career. Although he was the number two overall draft pick, his future plummeted as he got older. Before even graduating high school, Charles already had two kids under his belt with two different women.

As time went on, this man saw no reason for buying condoms, with that promising future, this man thought paying child support would be easier than paying for condoms. Well Charles found this out the hard way, as he added 3 more kids to his collection with two more women.

Ray Lewis: 6 children, with an unknown amount of women.


Ray Lewis has to be one of the most feared line backers in NFL history. This man has been known for laying people out with his hard hits. However when he's not laying people out, it looks like Ray is out there laying the pipe. This man is one of the most feared men in the NFL, but it looks like he has a fear of  condoms, as he has a total of 6 children with an unknown number of women. Great job Ray, we commend you on your efforts.

 Marshall Faulk: 6 children, with 4 women.


Marshal Faulk has to be one of the most elusive running backs in NFL history. His speed and quick moves almost made him impossible to catch. Just like his speed on the field, Marshall used his speed to get around with the ladies. Unfortunately his quickness never helped him when it came to pulling out, as it seems that this may have been a difficult task. His inability to pull out led him to father 6 children, with 4 different women.

 Shawn Kemp: 7 children, with 6 different women.


Shawn Kemp is easily one of the most talented, yet reckless players in the NBA. It's sad that this man let his talents go to waste as he couldn't stay out of trouble. He has been arrested multiple times for drug possession. Shawn was known for having a lot of fun and his outlandish coke habits. Legend has it that Shawn used to do coke before games as a warm up.

Shawn not only had trouble staying out of trouble, he had trouble staying outside of women as well. Over the years, Shawn has fathered a total of 7 children, with 6 different women. Some sources say he may have as much as 11, but this is not confirmed.

 Antonio Cromartie: 7 children, with an unknown number of women.

Antonio Cromartie is a shut down corner that can keep up with almost any wide receiver in the league. Although he provides great coverage on the field, covering his own dick seams to be too much of a task for this star. Antonio is lightning fast and makes keeping up with the best wide receivers look so easy.

However remembering the name of his 7 children seems to be more difficult than his one-on-one match ups with the best receivers. Here is a video of Antonio's pitiful attempt to name his children.

Jason Caffey: 10 children, with 8 different women.


In the year 2004, Jason was bought out by the Milwaukee Bucks for a cool $11 million. Since he was officially out of a job, Jason had time to pursue his true passion: impregnating women. Over the years, Jason put in work as he fathered 10 children, with 8 different women. He was well on pace to create his own 12 man basketball roster until paying all that child support slowed down his flow. Hey, at least look at the bright side, he has two starting rotations.

Travis Henry: 11 children, with 10 different women.


Travis Henry was never one to quite grasp the idea of safe sex or sobriety, as he is one reckless person. He played running back for the Denver Broncos and led the league in marijuana-related suspensions. To his credit, Travis had a unique skill of finding the hole and busting through it, both on and off the field.

Although he did play football, he should've considered basketball as a possible career. This man can clearly average a double double as he had 11 children with 10 different women.

Evander Holyfield: 11 children, with an unknown number of women.


Evander Holyfield is one of the most iconic figures in the sport of professional boxing. He owes a lot to his natural talent and his ability to take hits. Although he sacrificed his ear and lost the majority of his brain cells throughout his career, there is one thing this man did not lose and that was his sperm count. Evander must have been a big soccer fan, as he fathered a total of 11 children -- enough to have a whole soccer team. Why buy a team when you can make your own, right?

Calvin Murphy: 14 children, with 9 different women.


Calvin Murphy easily takes the title. This was a man on a mission and it seems that he had no problem dipping his dong into anything that moved. As if wetting his whistle wasn't enough, this man obviously had no sense for the use of condoms. Maybe he just didn't know they existed, but who cares?

Looks like Calvin wanted to own his own basketball team, but realized it might be cheaper if he just produces one. Not only did he produce a full 12-man roster, but he created two more because we all know every team needs a water and towel boy. Calvin we tip our hats to you.

Photo Credit: Getty Images