The Only Way To Check Out ESPN's New 'SportsCenter' Studio Is The Parkour Tour (Video)

ESPN has just adopted a whole new look, with its flagship "SportsCenter" moving to a totally revamped studio that makes its old one look like it came from the Dark Ages. It is that good.

But besides the fact that the news studio, with its 110-plus high-definition screens, will add a wave of new eye candy to "SportsCenter" broadcasts, the new digs will take some getting used to for ESPN's employees out in Bristol, Connecticut.

The dynamics of the studio mean that on-air talent will have to deliver broadcasts in a slightly different way, while the whole operation itself has moved to a new location on ESPN's Bristol campus, from Digital Center 1 to Digital Center 2. And that's where parkour comes in.

As he struggles to come to grips with "SportsCenter" changes, Steve Levy's "intern" flips, turns and stunts his way through ESPN's campus to make it to DC-2 on time.