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Texas A&M Pulled Off The Most Insane Comeback In Just 35 Seconds

In just 35 seconds, the wildest March Madness comeback happened.

Despite the Nothern Iowa Panthers having a 12-point lead on Sunday night with under a minute to go, their second-round opponents, Texas A&M, found a way to complete a miracle via a series of forced turnovers and quick clutch baskets.

Texas A&M trailed by double digits (!!) against Northern Iowa with just a minute left. Now they're going to OT! — Elite Daily (@EliteDaily) March 21, 2016

The full video is just as wild as the you'd imagine.

This is how you erase a 12-point deficit in 35 seconds. — NCAA March Madness (@marchmadness) March 21, 2016

And it was literally the greatest last-minute comeback in history.

The Aggies practically came back from the dead and went on to win in double overtime 92-88.

Meanwhile, Northern Iowa's fortune went in the opposite direction.

On Friday, the Panthers couldn't believe their luck. On Sunday night, they likely couldn't fathom their downfall.

What a tournament.