Pro Surfer Absolutely Owns The Waves In High Heels And A Cocktail Dress (Video)

Today, I wore heels to work for the first time, and I'm not lying when I say I barely made it to the office at all.

Heels are a deathtrap with all the standing, the walking and the not falling into the street and getting run over by a truck because picking yourself back up in these things is unlikely, if not impossible.

Maud Le Car disaggrees. In a video for Almo Film, the pro surfer tosses on a pair of strappy heels and gets up on her board IN THE DAMN WAVES.

Le Car glides along like a graceful dolphin -- except a dolphin never has to stuff its fins into a pair of near-fatal razor shoes.

As if the heels aren't enough, the athlete is decked out entirely in cocktail attire from her lace dress to her pearl earrings.

I can only hope to one day find myself capable of womaning this hard.

Almo on YouTube

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