What A Guy's Soccer Position Says About The Type Of Boyfriend He'll Be

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

The sport of soccer, much like dating, is all about playing the field. Nine times out of 10, the team that covers the most ground, and is most fit, will win the game.

When it comes to dating, whether you're swimming upstream in a giant metropolis or mining for gold in a small town, the woman who's most aggressive, yet patient, willing to take risks, yet well-informed, will usually come out on top -- or the bottom, depending on her preference.

You already know why dating a soccer player of any gender is a virtual guaranteed win but like anything else in life, there are levels to this sh*t.

As any woman can attest to, when it comes to dating, all men are definitely not created equal. When it comes to soccer players, that adage is even more relevant.

Dating a goalkeeper is definitely not the same as dating a forward, and if you find yourself in bed with a defensive midfielder, well, you need to know the rationale behind every move he does or doesn't make.

Listen up, ladies, if you're dating a soccer player, you need to find out what position he plays. Then, you need to read on and see what that position says about the type of boyfriend he'll be.


This dude will do everything in his power to keep you safe, that's a guarantee. He's the guy who goes out with his friends but never gets too drunk, and he's either always playing designated driver or making sure no one gets behind the wheel if he or she's had more than a beer or two.

Sounds great, right? Well, his protectiveness and selflessness may not make him the best boyfriend for you. This guy isn't about taking risks in life, both personally and professionally.

He's not going to be the dude that sticks out in order to take a step up the corporate ladder because he feels his leap might land him 10 rungs below where he currently hangs. Applying that principle to your relationship, this guy won't be willing to zip line with you through the Costa Rican jungle or keep things spontaneous in the bedroom.

He's all about routine, and that might not be your cup of tea.

Full back

This guy can showcase the ingenuity to progress in life, both with you and in his personal endeavors, but he'll often retreat at the first sign of trouble or a rough patch.

At least a few times, he'll find himself in over his head and get caught with egg on his face. The question is do you want to be standing next to him when the yolk starts running off his shoulders?

He'll be willing to sprint the length of the field for you, if he sees an opportunity, but he may come up a little short in the end. Is it really the effort that counts? That's up to you.

Center back

If you're looking for a guy who's going to take risks and live life with a bit of danger, this isn't the man for you.

This guy is going to stick it out no matter what, but he'll rarely move forward in life and in love. He'll date you and buy you flowers and treat you to dinner, but when you're sitting there five years in wondering where the ring is, don't say I didn't warn you.

Trust this dude with your life, yes, but maybe not with your happiness.

Center Midfielder

When it comes to center midfielders, your guy falls into one of two categories: He's either going to be willing to take more risks and try to take your relationship to the next level at every given opportunity (the box-to-box midfielder), or he's going to be more like the dudes above, who are rarely going to take risks or be spontaneous and spice up your love life (the holding midfielder).

Now, this isn't to say the box-to-box midfielder is better than the holding midfielder when it comes to relationships.

The box-to-box may take one too many risks with your relationship and leave you wondering why you dedicated so much time to this dude in the first place.

You want a fun boyfriend, but you also want a stable one. No dude can be in six places at once, so he better know the most important place is right by your side.

The wide-ranging midfielder is a mover for sure, but is he running box to box for your heart or just for his own aspirations?

Wide Midfielder

If you're dating the wide midfielder, then you're in for a bit of intrigue at every turn. Unfortunately, you could also be in for a guy who never takes blame or responsibility for his actions. He's always looking for someone to cover up his mistakes, and it's usually someone else's (your) fault when his best intentions don't come off exactly as he envisioned.

Will he look to get ahead in life and in love? Absolutely. But, you'll want to make sure he wants to bring you with him wherever his run takes him.


Congratulations, you landed the ace, the stud, the dude who's got more experience scoring than most of the guys you went to school with.

This is probably the alpha male who's used to getting what he wants, both at the office and in the bedroom, and he's not willing to settle for less.

Chances are, if you locked him down as your boyfriend, he clearly sees a winner in you. You just need to make sure he sees you as a long-term victory and not a quick smash and grab.

Being a poacher on the soccer field and in life can be a great quality, but when you're out together, make sure his eyes stay firmly fixed on the prize.