5 Questions With Snowboarding Superstar Danny Davis

Sepp Dasbach

Danny Davis is once again on the verge of X Games gold.

The 27-year-old snowboarder will enter Saturday's SuperPipe competition as a favorite to win his third consecutive gold medal in the event.

On the board, there's no question Davis is as talented as they come. He's a man of exceptional talent.

Catch him outside the realms of competition, though, and what you'll find is a regular guy who's super down-to-earth and up for whatever.

There's no doubt the man behind the medals is just as interesting as the athlete who wins them. We asked the bearded wonder five rapid-fire questions to get a peek inside his true personality.

What's the last photo in your camera roll?

This is a little sketchy... Boom, it's a photo from last night [on the halfpipe]. Some photographer sent it to me. I got lucky there.

Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram. But I love the Snapchat. Good question.

What are you looking forward to most at these X Games?

I'm looking forward to a new style of format. No qualifying is like no pressure. So, I really like that we just have three runs to put down the best runs. No qualifying, no nothing and then it's over. I don't have to stress about it after that.

Who's been number one on your playlist lately?

It's been a lot of Charles Bradley, a lot of Sharon Jones, just soul music. I've been deep on the soul.

What do you do to balance being a professional athlete and a regular person?

My girlfriend would probably tell you that there's no balance; it's all athlete. But man, you know when we travel we play a lot of music, we play basketball. You know, we keep ourselves busy with outside sports. Skateboarding, surfing, yeah, man. We're kids still, we just love to mess around and when the snow's no good, sometimes it's time to go surfing, and sometimes it's time to go to Mexico and play golf. I'm like anybody else, man.