Science Explains Why Sports Fans Get So Pumped Up During Games

This one goes out to all the sports fans who've ever had someone say to them,

It's only a game.

According to the Huffington Post, there is not only actual scientific evidence to explain why fans get so into the game, there are facts supporting the idea the relationship between an athlete/team and a fan is indeed a healthy one.

Relationships instill values and build community, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of that than in sports.

You, the fan, will support and defend your team like a father protects his family or a chief takes care of his or her tribe.

When Odell Beckham Jr. is lining up opposite a defender on third and five or Steph Curry has the ball with 10 seconds left, down one, your nerves and adrenaline can actually mimic that of the athlete.

Fans feel what players feel and become a part of that team's identity.

A team is a collection of players who are there because they're paid to be. For the most part, those individual players could leave at any moment via trade, release, etc… But, the fans aren't going anywhere.

Fans, like other humans, look for a sense of belonging. Sports embrace that with open arms. We all just want to fit in and be ourselves, right?

Sports offer an avenue for like-minded people to get together and, for lack of a more scientific term, blow off some steam.

We all have work and stress, and cheering for your favorite team and losing yourself for a few hours is not only good for you in multiple aspects of your life, but it's perfectly natural.

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