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The Chargers Took 'San Diego' Off Their Social Media Logo And Fans Lost It


First, Los Angeles took the Rams from St. Louis, and I said nothing.

Then... OK, the NFL hasn't relocated any other teams, but based on a quick observation of the San Diego Chargers' social media accounts, it looks like the Bolts could be next to relocate.

This is what the Chargers' Snapchat logo currently looks like.

But, as this Twitter user points out, the logo had the "San Diego" in it one day and, then, the "San Diego" was gone the next.

This excuse isn't exactly going over well with San Diegans.

Some folks think people are overreacting to the logo change.

Are you about to disappear, San Diego Chargers?

Guess I'll have to wait and see if the San Diego Chargers are who they say they are.

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