Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Just Dyed His Hair Silver And It Looks Insane

by Adam Silvers

Last month, Barcelona star Lionel Messi decided to switch things up a bit and dye his hair bleach blonde.

Now, it appears it's US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte's turn to go for a new hairstyle. As you can see in Lochte's Instagram post below, the 31-year-old decided to dye his hair silver just before the start of the Rio Olympics.

The caption Lochte posted along with the above picture reads,

New look.... Here We Go #Rio #2016 thanks @jennjonesatl #turnup #lightblue

Having a new look is all well and good, Ryan. But let's get one thing perfectly clear: Your new hair color is not "light blue."

Your hair is grey/silver, and there isn't a person on this planet who can argue otherwise.

I really don't want to get into it with an Olympian (regardless of his questionable style choices), but I just don't see how there can be any debate about the color of Ryan Lochte's hair.

Regardless of whatever color he thinks his hair is, what do you think of Ryan's new look?

You can see Lochte's new hair in all its glory when the Olympics kick off this Friday, August 5, in Rio.

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