Russell Wilson Visits Children's Hospital After Super Bowl Loss (Photos)

by Julian Sonny

There aren't a lot of things to help wash away the pain from the Seahawks' Super Bowl XLIX loss, but Russell Wilson found comfort by bringing joy to the Seattle Children's Hospital, like he does every Tuesday.

It's no secret Russell is one of the most positive individuals in the NFL, but after throwing a fatal interception that cost Seattle the game, some people might have thought he'd go into hiding and feel some sort of shame.

But, that's not Russell Wilson.

He swallowed his pride, got a haircut and visited the sick children to show them that even in times of despair, it's important to keep your word and spread the love.

Russell Wilson knows he has nothing to be ashamed of...

...which is why he got a two-hour-long haircut and became a new man.

Just two days after the heartbreaking loss, he went to the Seattle Children's Hospital.

During his rookie season, he promised the kids he'd be there every Tuesday.

He kept that promise and even showed up after Sunday's loss.

He teaches his biggest fans valuable lessons every time he comes in.

Stay positive no matter what you're going through.

And always smile, even when you're in pain.