Russell Wilson And Colin Kaepernick's Lives Couldn't Be More Different

by Julian Sonny

You can tell a lot about players by how they spend their off time.

And in the case of two NFC West quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, their lifestyles could not be any more different.

During San Francisco's 17-3 loss to Green Bay on Sunday, Packers All-Pro linebacker Clay Matthews reiterated how unalike the two players are when he yelled to Kaepernick after a play, "You ain't Russell Wilson, bro."

True, he isn't -- but no one said he was. We're talking about two completely different individuals with two completely different mindsets yielding almost opposite results at this stage of their careers.

Playing in the same division, they see each other twice a year, so the comparisons aren't for no reason.

But it's off the field you can clearly see the biggest dissimilarity.

One of these men is Super Bowl champion, the other one isn't. One is dating Ciara, the other (as far as we know) is definitely not.

Taking a closer look at their Instagram accounts tells us everything.

Russell Wilson spends his off days at the Seattle Children's Hospital hanging out with the sick kids.

Colin Kaepernick prefers to turn up somewhere during his BYE week, preferably at a pool party where he doesn't need a shirt.

Russell Wilson loves teaching the game of football to kids, too.

Colin Kaepernick inspires them in another way.

This is what Russell Wilson wears when he hits the red carpet.

This is what Colin Kaepernick likes to go with.

This is what a woman crush post by Russell Wilson looks like.

Colin Kaepernick looks at his sneaker collection the same way.

A Russell Wilson flex celebration.

Colin Kaepernick flexing the same.

This is a Russell Wilson selfie.

These are Colin Kaepernick selfies.

Russell Wilson with one of his best friends.

Colin Kaepernick with his.

Russell Wilson is the type of QB to go the White House.

Colin Kaepernick is the type of QB to do this.

More friends for Russell...

More friends for Colin...

This is what Russell Wilson looks like chilling at the crib.

This is what Colin Kaepernick does instead.

This is Russell Wilson's idea of turning up (aka cuffing).

This is Colin Kaepernick before he started getting TOO lit with the boys.

Is it time we stop comparing these two?