Russell Wilson Said He Won't Have Sex With Ciara Until They're Married

If you follow Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on Twitter, then you know he's a pretty religious dude.

And if you watch the video below, you'll learn he and performing artist girlfriend Ciara will not be having sex until they officially tie the knot.

Recently, Wilson sat down with Pastor Miles McPherson of The Rock Church for an interview.

During that time, Wilson spanned a number of topics, eventually getting to his relationship with Ciara.

Wilson told McPherson, a former NFL defensive back, he knew Ciara was the girl he wanted to be with, even before he met her.

He continued, saying,

God spoke to me [and said] I want you, I need you to lead her.

Apparently, that path will lead to one hell of a wedding night.

Skip to the 22-minute mark to hear Wilson talk about his relationship with Ciara.

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