These Bulls Attacking Crowds In Peru Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie (Video)

When you think of the Running of the Bulls, you picture narrow pathways in Spain with wine and tomatoes, and maybe an injury here or there, but nothing serious.

But, what went down in Peru recently is nothing short of a real-life horror movie.

The scene is reportedly part of a religious festival lasting four days in Huancavelica, an area in Peru. For reasons unbeknown to many, a group of Bulls was released into an open area where all hell then broke loose.

Remarkably -- and you'll see why I say that after watching this video -- only eight attendees were reportedly injured, and there were zero reported fatalities.

Seriously, though, dudes are being gored, stomped and sent flying into trucks and sh*t. Who thought this was a good idea?

Can we just go ahead and cancel next year's event?

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