Rob Gronkowski Is Having The Most Ridiculous Birthday (Again)


Rob Gronkowski is turning 27 today, everybody, and amazing things are already happening.

I haven't had my 27th birthday, so I can't compare mine to his, but no matter what happens, my 27th will never be as awesome as Gronk's or any of his birthdays for that matter.

Just look at what happened for Gronk's 26th birthday.

Happy Birthday #Gronk! @RobGronkowski #Rehab #RehabLV #Vegas — Rehab Las Vegas (@rehablv) May 9, 2015
Birthday cake anyone? @RobGronkowski#Gronk #RobGronkowski #Vegas #Rehab #RehabLV — Rehab Las Vegas (@rehablv) May 9, 2015
JUMP like you're #TheGronk! Happy birthday @RobGronkowski!#Gronk #Rehab #RehabLV #Vegas — Rehab Las Vegas (@rehablv) May 10, 2015
Yes, that's @RobGronkowski in a wig at #RehabLV! #Rehab #Vegas #Gronk #TheGronk — Rehab Las Vegas (@rehablv) May 10, 2015

Well, that looked pretty crazy, so I'll bet I know what you're thinking: If that was Gronk's 26th birthday, what happened for the 27th birthday of the New England Patriots' tight end?

Let me show you, and then you tell me if any of your birthdays were as awesome as Gronk's 27th.

Just a few days before his birthday, Gronk announced he would be on the cover of GQ magazine.

OK, that's pretty cool, but you went to Europe for your 27th, so we'll call it a tie.

But then, Gronk showed up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to make another incredible announcement.

That's right, Gronk is on the cover of Madden NFL 17. If you make the cover of this annual video game, you're practically in a club more exclusive than the US presidency. Talk about great pre-birthday gifts.

BUT WAIT! If that were all, Gronk would already be having an amazing 27th birthday, but today, on his actual day of birth, Gronk announced a contest to win autographed prizes.

Lets make it everybody's Birthday! #BirthdayGiveaway — Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) May 14, 2016

I guess the only thing better than receiving gifts is giving them, so Gronk decided to turn his own birthday on its head by giving away autographed stuff to his fans. I'm not even sure how giving stuff away on your own birthday can be topped. That's pretty much the definition of doing whatever you want.

So, you were going to tell me how amazing one of your birthdays was? Yeah, my birthdays weren't as crazy as Gronk's either.

Anyway, whatever Gronk does for the rest of his 27th birthday will only add to the awesomeness, so happy birthday, Gronk! I hope it's a good one.

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