Rob Gronkowski Proved The Frat Star Mentality Can Work In The NFL

by Miranda Kulp

Some athletes are remembered for their undoubtable talent, triumphs they've overcome to make it to pro and some for their PR nightmare of a life.

And, then, there's Rob Gronkowski, who falls into all three categories.

The 25-year-old tight end has been with the Patriots since being drafted in 2010, but it wasn't until recently he's been making headlines for his performances on and off the field.

Described as a “breath of fresh air in the NFL,” Gronkowski provides both talent and entertainment. Fans love his intensity when he plays, and we love watching his antics even more.

There's no denying the likability of Gronkowski when he scores and the Gillette Stadium goes insane. “Gronks” nationwide go wild in celebration.

Although he could use a little media training and self control, it's impossible not to be fascinated with him. After all, everyone loves a bad boy.

On Monday evening, he appeared on ABC's “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where he discussed his Super Bowl brawl toward the end of Sunday's game.

When asked about the almost-fight Gronkowski said:

I got pushed or something, and it was the last game of the year, and I was like, 'Screw it, I'm throwing some haymakers.'

Following up, Kimmel asked if Gronkowski threw any punches and his response was, “I don't think I did," he said. "Roger, no I did not," he added with a smile, referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "Roger, that wasn't me.”

In fairness, Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin played a significant part in the mess, punching Gronkowski, which escalated things.

Irvin said he was protecting his teammates, as did Gronkowski. However this isn't the first fight Gronkowski has gotten media attention for.

In the past he's gotten attention for a fight in Los Vegas with NFL's other party animal, Johnny Manziel. The backlash from the fight was minor for Gronk; it seems like he can do no wrong.

He even is known for having his own party bus and has reportedly said there's no need for alcohol on the bus since they're wild enough without it.

Some describe Rob Gronkowski as a PR nightmare; others describe him as media gold. Either way, clearly he's an asset for the Patriots and when he's playing his best, the entire team benefits. However, he also increases the team's media attention.

He's overcome family issues of his parents' divorce and battled to recover from injuries and still manages to be one of the best tight ends in the game right now.

Although he can appear to be a mess, fans love him and are fascinated with him. One fan has even made an adult romance novel about her love for him.

Everyone loves rooting for the kid from New York who always tried to live up to his older brother's achievements. He chased his football dreams and never lost his sense of humor and fun along the way.

Whether he's poolside with some friends, out partying, “throwing down some haymakers” or wearing a minion hat during the New England parade, he's grabbing the media's attention and the hearts of all of Gronk nation.

Men envy him and women adore him. He's an extremely hard-working athlete who also knows how to have a good time; he's living the dream of every 25-year-old.

Gronk nation isn't just about his ability as a star athlete, it's about his attitude that never ceases to amaze fans.