Red Sox Catcher Mike Napoli Is Smashing Rachel Starr, Here's Proof

by Julian Sonny

Being a professional athlete is too damn wavy, and not just for the top guys. If you haven't quite got your skill up, then it's tough bagging up a supermodel or actress. Guys like Derek Jeter and Tom Brady usually have that covered.

But for some, when you find yourself towards the bottom of the totem pole, life is still good! You just usually end up getting clean up duty, which typically includes strippers and porn stars - the ratchets! But not just any stripper or porn star, we're talking about the cream of the crop.

I think it's safe to say that pretty much every dude has schwapped it to Rachel Starr at least once, and now, thanks to Twitter, we can see what kind of guys she's banging in real life! None other than Boston Red Sox star... Mike Napoli?

Apparently, every dog has his day, and for Napoli (who is actually injured and unable to play), he had the hottest chick in the porn game come to one of his away games to keep him company in the dugout. As we all know, it can get rather cold down there.

Looks like I'm going to the baseball game tonight in San Fran to see @MikeNapoli25 WIN!! Awwwwww can't wait to hang out after! — Rachel Starr (@RachelStarrxxx) August 20, 2013

If you need any further validation that these two are smanging (smashing/banging), then just do the math in your head. Pro athletes and porn stars have been mixing since the beginning of time. Plus, we've all seen Rachel's videos. We know what life she's about.

@KendraLust @MikeNapoli25 I wish u were going with me! Mike is one of my fav friends to hang out with! — Rachel Starr (@RachelStarrxxx) August 20, 2013

Good for you, Mike. While you are relatively unknown to most of us casual baseball fans, you are surely winning in life. Just remember to wear a rubber.

Photo Credit: Getty Images