Changing The Game: Meet Rachel A. DeMita, The New Face Of NBA 2K15's In-Game TV Show

How does the best-selling basketball game ever follow up its massive success?

It's by giving its fans something so new and so different that they won't even know what hit them.

October 7 is an official a holiday for many of us. It's the start of the NBA 2K season, and more so than any year in the past, something's different.

That's because for the first time ever, NBA 2K15 will feature a live weekly TV show from within the game itself, bringing gamers closer to the real-life action than ever before.

"NBA 2KTV" host Rachel A. DeMita will be traveling the country all season long to bring you the latest NBA exclusives, including interviews, features and 2K community-inspired content that's unlike anything before.

She'll even show you highlights from your own games and ask you how you did. Now, that's caring!

But don't just take my word for it. Even the reigning MVP and NBA 2K15 cover man, Kevin Durant, still can't believe the news.

Rachel, who's a former college basketball star for Old Dominion University, caught up with Elite Daily to share her excitement for the new show and point out how this year's unique 2K broadcast elements are only the beginning of something special.

Rachel said,

It's the quickest way to connect your community and the people who play the game to what's going on in the game and what goes on in the culture that surrounds the game.

For one of the most dedicated fanbases in the sports-gaming community, this is just more of the same relentless innovation they've come to expect from 2K year in and year out.

However, what NBA 2KTV provides is something that is sure to become the new way we not only play our games, but also how we consume our content.

Combine that with insane graphics, commentary from Ernie Johnson and Shaq and not to mention, appearances by Pharrell in the new My Career mode, and you get one of the most interactive gaming experiences ever.

By merging the culture and influencers who matter the most directly to the gamers, 2K is able to provide a unique experience that immerses fans from all over together in an actual community.

DeMita says,

I think we're paving a new way for people to consume media. Next year, and in a few years, everybody is going to be doing this because it's almost a necessity.

And while the bulk demographic may be more male-oriented, Rachel believes that this year's game offers something different to every athlete -- and to everyone that likes competition.

She hopes her one-of-a-kind job as the first host of a TV show inside of a video game will help to inspire more females to not only play NBA 2K, but also get involved and follow their dreams in sports -- no matter how ambitious they may be.

She says,

Hopefully, they can look up to what I'm doing and see that you can pave your own way. You don't have to do what's normal. If you're really passionate about something, you can find that niche of something that hasn't been done before.

The first episode of NBA 2KTV airs on October 7. Make sure to catch more of Rachel A. DeMita every week on her show and here on Elite Daily, where she will be giving exclusive insight from everything happening in her world and sharing it with ours.

Top Photo Courtesy: 2K Sports