Is He Doing Coke? Scandalous Photo Of Johnny Manziel Rolling Dollar Bill Is Not A Good Look

by Julian Sonny

Johnny Manziel is pretty much having the greatest rookie offseason ever. It's not like he just got a $4 million signing bonus, plus endorsements from Nike and McDonald's to give him a little more cushion or anything. It's really not a big deal.

He's been on it since getting drafted, and isn't worrying about the season just yet. When that bridge gets there, he'll cross it. But for now, here's Johnny hanging with Playboy model, Dallas Nicole.

The only consequence, however, is that people have been mobbing him where ever he goes, which leaves little room for privacy and much room for f*cking up.

This controversial photo of Manziel in the men's bathroom (which we presume to be from the same night) might suggest that he's up to something he probably shouldn't be doing.

Come on guys, you've never counted your money while you wait to wash your hands in the men's room? It's an awesome game!

H/T: Larry Brown Sports