NFL Kicker Calls FOX Sports Host An 'Old Douchebag' In Savage Tweet


I'm a New York Giants fan, but after today, I absolutely love Indianapolis Colts kicker Pat McAfee.

If you're a sports fan, then you're probably all too familiar with the loud, often incoherent rants of the infamous Skip Bayless.

For years, the 64-year-old was employed by ESPN to sit across from Stephen A. Smith and call LeBron James a bum and be a spiteful contrarian on pretty much every issue debated in the sports world.


In addition to pretty much always taking the opposite view, Bayless was also often very wrong with his unpopular opinions.


Now, after being given a very lucrative contract, Skip Bayless does the exact same thing for FOX Sports that he used to do for ESPN. And, spoiler alert, he's just as hateful.

Following the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks playing to a 6-6 tie Sunday night, Skip was at it again.

This time, Bayless called out all NFL kickers, going as far as to say "nonfootball-player kickers blow it."


I learned to tune out Skip Bayless a long time ago, but it looks like Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee caught wind of Skip's rant, and he didn't really appreciate what he had to say.

In response to Bayless calling out all kickers, Pat McAfee lined up his kick and nailed Bayless in the head by calling the FS1 personality an "old douchebag."


I mean, got 'em? Like, what more is there even to say about this? Pat McAfee tweeted what pretty much all of us think whenever we're forced to listen to the idiotic, often psychotic rants of Skip Bayless.

I'm sure Skip won't respond to McAfee's comments, but I really wish he would. Then, FOX could charge all of us to watch a cage match between these two dudes.

How much would you pay for that kind of entertainment? Honestly, I'd rather drop money on that than a UFC event.

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