This Carolina Panthers Grandma Hits The Dab Harder Than Cam Newton (Video)

Yesterday, while the Carolina Panthers were moving to 13-0 and clinching their division, the Bank of America Stadium Jumbotron introduced the world to Mary Ward, the coolest Panthers fan ever.

I say Ward is the coolest because when she saw herself on the big screen, she waved to the crowd and hit the Dab with more swag than Cam Newton has all season.

According to Twitter, this isn't the first time Mary Ward dabbed, but it might have been her best performance to date.

@2Dukegirl21 @Panthers @CameronNewton — CamandJosh#1fan24 (@modizzypanther4) December 13, 2015

Even Cam had to give Mary props on Twitter because real recognizes real.

.@CameronNewton "I don't know whose grandma that was, but she had a lot of swag out there." — Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) December 13, 2015

The Panthers are undefeated and, evidently, so are their fans.