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Nyjah Huston Talks Skating Success, Nike SB And Clean Water In Ethiopia


Though he's just 21 years old, Nyjah Huston is already the biggest name in professional skateboarding.

The Davis, California native has won more prize money than any skateboarder in history and has racked up a trophy case full of Street League and X Games medals. And if you go beyond the sick tricks and career-defining wins, you'll find a dude who's about way more than just fame and fortune.

For instance, Huston is just as passionate about bringing clean water to those in need as he is entertaining the crowd with his sublime skateboarding skills.

Grilled about the oddity of being a 21-year-old veteran, Nyjah Huston told Elite Daily,

Hey, he is still a 21-year-old, right?

Nyjah began blazing his path to becoming a professional skateboarder when he was about 11 years old. And while things started to happen unbelievably fast, Nyjah attributes his victory at the prestigious Tampa Am competition as his life-altering moment.

He told Elite Daily,

While Nyjah was mastering both tricks and the competition, other kids his age were just trying to make it through the sixth grade. You might expect all of this would overwhelm someone so young but apparently, it actually worked in his favor.

He explained,

So often we see prodigy athletes hyped up to impossible levels of attainability, and they end up burnt out before they even begin to reach their potential. Nyjah's calmness and confidence are proving to be his greatest assets in avoiding that pitfall.

He told Elite Daily,

Nyjah's early success has garnered him numerous opportunities, such as sponsorships with Element, Diamond Supply Co. and Monster Energy, but his recent deal with Nike SB, a skate brand that bridges competition, culture and style, is an absolute game-changer.

This isn't lost on Nyjah. Speaking with Elite Daily, he gushed,

nikeskateboarding on YouTube

Even though he's beyond pumped about his Nike SB deal, Nyjah refused to budge on any details, saying,

In addition to helping him rack up some serious sponsorships, Nyjah's skill and style have made him a huge fan favorite. He has 1.5 million Instagram followers and over 2 million Facebook page likes.

But if you ask Nyjah which of his accomplishments he's most proud of, you'll undoubtedly hear about his charity foundation, Let it Flow, which works to bring clean water to those in need.

Nyjah told Elite Daily,

To speak with a 21-year-old who has such a mature grasp and positive view on life was nothing short of inspiring. Even when I attempted to throw Nyjah off with a question about his future in skating or his goals after he hangs it up, he remained focused on 2016.

After a little more prodding, Nyjah did eventually open up about his plans for the future, but his answer was consistent with his even keel.

He told Elite Daily,

He may already be the best, but for Nyjah Huston, the only place to go is up.