The NFL Just Tweeted Roger Goodell Died And People Lost It


If you've been on Twitter this afternoon, then you might still be on the floor after seeing the verified NFL Twitter account claim NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is dead.

As you can see in the above tweet, though, the NFL's Twitter account was reportedly hacked, and Roger Goodell is presumably just fine. Even though the tweet isn't real, it's haunting and alarming to see it on the screen.

It's probably fair to say Roger Goodell isn't the most liked human being in the United States, particularly if you're Tom Brady, Bob Kraft or a New England Patriots fan in general, but this prank is simply taking things too far.

Did Roger Goodell's friends see this? What about his family? Imagine seeing a trusted, verified source proclaim your dad or brother or sister dead. Even after learning he or she was OK, my day would be more than a little fucked.

Following the initial tweet that sent everyone into a frenzy, these next two tweets from the official NFL account all but confirmed there was a hack.

Once most folks on Twitter realized this was a hack, the jokes immediately started flowing...

I guess it's all well and good to crack jokes considering Goodell isn't dead, but this has to make you wonder how safe your social media accounts are, right?

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