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These NFL Quarterbacks Give Perfect Reactions To Our Daily Bullsh*t

We can all relate to the emotions of going to work, dating, being in a relationship and trying to enjoy life in general.

And whether we realize it or not, we always have a reaction to everything we experience in life.

When you come into work on Monday morning, you have a face on that screams "take me back to bed." And when you hang with friends and family on the weekend, you have a smile that can't possibly be replicated.

It's the pure emotion of a situation that makes life worth living.

Pro quarterbacks know a thing or two about emotions, too. And thanks to a bazillion cameras at every game, we can watch their priceless in-game reactions from multiple angles.

So check out these NFL quarterbacks giving the perfect reactions to our daily bullsh*t.

When the line for Chipotle is out the door and down the block and you're trying not to lose your sh*t:

When your boss "asks" you to come into the office on Saturday:

When you finally get to the front of the line but they're out of guacamole:

When you first hear Adele's "Hello":

When your co-worker tries to pawn off their work on you:

When your friend rolls up wearing Yeezy Red Octobers:

When you look at the clock on your work computer and it's only 10:45 am:

When your significant other says you "need to talk":

When it's Friday at 5 pm and payday:

When you look at your bank account on Monday morning:

When you and your co-workers get the email happy hour has been cancelled:

When your boss calls for an unexpected half-day on Friday:

When your friend's about to close but gets rejected:

When you get off the subway escalator just as the train is pulling into the station:

When your partner's alarm goes off an hour and a half before you need to get up:

When you open up a pair of Gucci flip-flops on Christmas morning:

When your SO is screaming at you so loud the phone sounds like it's on speaker:

When you walk into the office with fresh threads and everyone knows it:

When you get home from work and the only thing in the fridge is ketchup:

When you finally make it after all the haters wrote you off: