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This NFL Player Just Donated $10,000 To Marijuana Research


The life of an NFL lineman isn't exactly a glorious one. They never seem to get the recognition they deserve. Plus, when it comes to making contact and taking blows to the head, no one on the field knows the fight better than them.

With the NFL finally acknowledging the link between football and brain disorders, one lineman has began actively speaking out about how marijuana could help.

Eugene Monroe, 28, of the Baltimore Ravens took to Twitter to start spreading his message.

He believes CBD products could help NFL players suffering from chronic pain.

As an active player in the NFL, he knows brain trauma is a serious issue.

Eugene Monroe isn't trying to make excuses, either; he knows how cannabis can help heal.

The NFL still views marijuana use as a serious drug offense.

He really started to get into the nitty gritty.

He believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to be more informed on the issue.

You really can't dispute the hard evidence.

What Eugene really wants is for more players to get involved.

...before it's too late.

Eugene Monroe already volunteered himself as the first to start funding.

This isn't just for athletes but for everyone alike.