3 Of The Biggest Names In The NFL Are Looking At Possible Suspension

In December 2015, Al Jazeera America aired a documentary called "The Dark Side," which dove headfirst into the world of doping in professional sports.

Now, based on the evidence presented in that documentary, NFL linebackers Clay Matthews, James Harrison and Julius Peppers all reportedly face an indefinite suspension from the league.

The NFL is reportedly demanding that Matthews, Harrison and Peppers conduct interviews with the league, presumably in order to get to the truth behind the doping allegations. It's threatening indefinite suspensions should they fail to cooperate by August 25.

The players' suspensions would reportedly stay in effect until they meet with the NFL for their interviews. If and when they do agree to speak with the league, any further punishment would be handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Below is the sworn affidavit of Steelers linebacker James Harrison, which he reportedly feels is sufficient enough to clear his name of any wrongdoing.

Matthews, Peppers and a fourth player, Mike Neal, have reportedly turned in similar affidavits.

This is the Al Jazeera documentary that implicated the above named players in the first place:

For those of you who think these players can't be suspended based purely on the evidence at hand, let me know how that worked out for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the Deflategate debacle.

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